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romantically RAW

So, I woke up this morning, made my green juice, stretched. then sipped on some maca, blue manna, and crystal manna, and was nice and bright eyed.. I continued my day off with some amethyst healing (laying on a 1400.00 dollar “bio mat”, filled will amethysts) relaxed and ate at my favorite raw restarurant here in san diego, cilanto live. what an awesome day

I have come to realize that I will never go back to cooked foods. I am so much more of a happy, collected, in-tune person who is constantly “high” on raw chocolate and organic raw food. I feel great and love the romance behind it all.

I adore making a beautiful meal full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, color, and love and sharing it with the people you love. Today I made stuffed zucchini flowers with seed cheese and lots of basil from the garden. In the cheese I added soaked sun dried tomatoes. it was garlicky and delicious. Ill be sure to post the recipe later..along with a picture.

completely random post. But I had to share my positive vibrations with you all =)



  • happy you had such a wonderful day. Just reading that first paragraph I feel like I should be listening to a Joao Gilberto song on some brazilian beach. or dancing like this—youtube link=

    Could you talk more about that amethyst bio mat? What’s it feel like?

  • Wow raw intruder,

    I am totally inspired by your description too. So my day yesterday, woke up and did yoga. It felt good to streach as I am lifting weights and feel tight. I then drank a glass of green juice and made a smoothie. I did my meditation and affirmations and cleaned the house. I made a luscious plum and goji berry pie with an almond mush crust and set it to chill in the freezer. I am at home on medical leave these days a knee injury from last year. I then drank my smoothie for lunch. We went to the beach in the afternoon where I swam, read, walked, sipped on green juice. I felt vibrant and alive. I know that everything I consumed was natural, full of enzymes and good for me. Just thinking about that makes me smile :) Came home, worked out with weights, showered and prepared a beautiful salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion, bell peppers and hempsheed mush dressing (really garlicky) and we ate our salads and then had a piece of pie for dessert. I am too in love with raw, I feel so alive, I know everything is good for me that I am consuming and I love myself for treating myself this well. Mmmmm raw food is awesome :) Dea.

  • earthintruder – what is Maca, Blue Manna, and Crystal Manna? how do u sip on it? where do you get it? what does it do for you?

  • Maca is a peruvian root, which most think is only usd as a sexual enhancement. which trust me, it works. But it also works to balance womens hormones, give high energy boosts, mental and physical, and detoxifies the body. Blue manna is a high concentration extract of crystal manna. It is AFA, or- Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Has Rapid Effects on the Circulation and Function of Immune Cells in Humans. complete brain stimulator and joint supporter. I LOVE THIS STUFF and COULNT LIVE WITHOUT IT! It is grown WILD in KLAMATH. IT is one of the oldest foods on earth. SACRED!! look it up online. THE COMPANY IS ANCIENT SUN!!

  • Dea, I know the feeling, as everyday is a beautiful one and only gets better with beautiful food, mind expansion, love, and health. i feel so blessed to be able to have such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in its simplest form that mother nature has given us. =)

  • leigh starleigh star Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the inspiration Earthintruder! I’m looking forward to learning more about Maca,which I keep seeing on these threads, but know little about. Thanks for sharing! I am stoked! Love and Light, Leighstar

  • I’m so glad you had such a fabulous day!!! Good for you smile I’ll have to look up the blue manna, sounds interesting.

    It’s funny how the raw food does that to you, makes you feel alive and want to do enjoy life. I truly believe that the SAD diet makes us depressed and feel weighed down. I’m taking up hot yoga this month and am incorporating more meditation to my day. As a massage therapist I feel it’s important to be as energized as possible giving positive energy to my clients. And since I see so many people I’m spreading the word about raw. grin

    BTW earthintruder, how was the mat?? Sounds divine! Have you experienced crystal singing bowls? Friend of me does those, she has a whole set and WOW! What a blast to hear them and do shamanic journeys or just medication! Fantastic.

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