2-day cleans before excrutiating physical activity

i have a very big week of pedicabing coming up with the blunt running from Friday thru Sunday.

other kicker people around me are getting sick and i am very concerned about my health because doing this kind of work while sick really sucks.

(i am very strong willed and i have done this event and sxsw (4 days 40-60 miles a day) while sick but it really sucks)

so i was thinking of doing a 2 day juice cleans on Monday and Tuesday then i'll probably go see my chiropractor on Tuesday or Wednesday .

--maybe the 2 day detox found here http://www.ardensgarden.com/cleansing.html

other kicker

i'm in recovery from a 14 hour 40-60 mile day on Saturday so i need to be really careful

in fact i need to go eat some food :)

any thoughts or suggestions? i really really do not want to get sick

and separating my self from my environment is not a good option because i have music production work to do monday - Thursday

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