I'm going raw again starting tomorrow. I feel like I need to clean out my system. I'm constantly tired and I find my self over eating at night due to stress. I'm in college, so the selection of raw fruits and veggies isn't all that great. However, I plan on going to the farmer's market every so often and buying fresh produce at local stores. I've gone raw before and I felt wonderful! I had a ton of energy and my body felt great! Let's try this again!


  • Best wishes, I totally know about eating at night - ERG!!!!

    Funny I made a goal to not eat after 6 pm, and have the hardest time sticking to it :)

  • Hey Shacone!

    Thanks for the support. Setting a goal not to eat after 6 pm is a great idea! I might try to make that my goal next week! Eating at night is so tempting, but I've learned if I'm going to grab anything it better be an apple or a pear. Usually sweet fruits help me with my sweet tooth.

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