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I need to pick a research topic for my Sports Science class. It can be anything health-related and has to have two variables (an association or effect one has on the other). The only bump in the road is that I have to use the medical school's journals and there aren't any studies done on raw foods!!! i need at least 15 journals (studies) written on the topic, so anything raw food related and its health benefits is out of the question. there just isn't enough research done unfortunately. i'm thinking something related to eating disorders... i just can't think of another variable for it. any ideas?


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    There have been quite a few studies done on eating disorders in the fields of gymnastics and even wrestling for men...i.e....when they have to hit their target weight class. I don't know if sports psychology falls in line with your topic, but that could be interesting. I wonder if there has been enough studies done on the effects or use of creatine in athletes. Some of those powdered protein mixes are pretty potent! I use to tease my ex when we were together that the stuff he used was gonna make his heart explode.

    (I just googled it to see what would pop up and found this study, don't know if theres enough out there but.... here it is just in case....

    Good luck!!

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    thanks so much for looking, juicefastfan! i'm definitely gonna look through the journals today about sports. i used to be a gymnast and it didn't even occur to me to use that as a variable.

    it's funny because my ex was the same way! he even gave me some in a brown paper bag to try it out. that did NOT happen.


    I used to be a gymnast too joannabanana...and also have an eating disorder! Are we long lost relatives?

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    Lol, I know! Same here. I made him sit down and read each ingredient and over half of them were ridiculously toxic! I did a paper on eating disorders in high-competitive female arenas (modeling, gymnastics etc...) but it was for a psychology class. It sounded like it may have worked well for your topic as well.

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