Raw from Atlanta


I’m a raw newbie. I’ve always had chronic health issues. I had epilepsy as a child and I was on meds for 10 years. As a teenager I had lyme’s disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. As a young adult I developed multiple food and chemical sensitivity(Most went away after I had my son), I gained about 50 pounds and starting experiencing discomfort I kind of got used to. Daily leg pain, seeing blood almost every time I blew my nose, trouble breathing, unexplainable viruses and flu-like sickness,Acne, low energy and probably too many more to list. Just two weeks raw and my leg pain is gone. I can run! No more blood when I blow my nose. After a few days I started to smell everything. It was great. I can’t believe my energy. I’ve always had a weak constitution. Now I have more energy than my husband.The best thing is, I feel in control of my health. Like I’m not just waiting to get cancer or diabetes or heart disease.


  • What an inspiration =) I’m trying to transition into raw, and reading this makes me want to go further! Congratulations

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