Water water everywhere and it all tastes like a swimming pool

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Hey Guys! I need some advice on home water purification. I live in Cleveland and Im not sure what the deal is, but they have noticeably upped the amount of chlorine in our drinking water. When I shower my hair smells like i went swimming. I cant stomach drinking the water at work (and it goes through a filter as it comes out the fountain pop machine) I currently run my water through a pur tap filter and into a brita pitcher. But I need some better, longer term solutions here.

What do you recommend for shower water purification?

Have you tried out any home distillers?

Magnetized or Energized water?

I would also prefer to have to do a one time cost as opposed to smaller reoccurring costs (filter replacement) too. It seems that once i find things i like they go off the market or i get lazy about replacing filters as needed.

Please drop me any advice or feedback! Cheers!


  • Hi wichten, I also use a brita filter and I find it filters the water OK during the winter but they always pump up the chlorine load in the summer and that's when I start noticing chlorine in everything, even the filtered water not to mention shower etc.

    Luckily there's no fluoride in my city's water but there is in Cleveland (according to google) so if you are thinking about getting a filter installed I would get one that also filters the fluoride. And since most filters like brita don't, you might try looking for one that mentions it specifically. I really think its unnecessary to be getting any extra fluoride in anyone's diet especially if you get all your fruit and veg!

    As for magnetized or energized water i wouldn't know. I think pure, chlorine and fluoride free water is already enough.

    I actually don't know if filters can take out chlorine and fluoride. It's worth looking into though.


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    Off topic - Yay Cleveland!

    I live in Youngstown, Oh


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