Kombucha consumption?

Hey everyone, I was just curious if I could get some insight on the best time to consume kombucha? I read somewhere that in the morning on an empty stomach was best, but then I was chatting with a girl who works in nutrition and she told me that after a meal would be the best time, because the acids in your stomach wouldn't be so strong. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!!


  • I was taught to advise people to take all probiotic drinks or supplements in the morning before eating breakfast. I brew kombucha and drink it all the time and I notice that I feel much better when doing it this way. I have tried drinking it after a meal several times and it doesn't feel as good and makes my tummy feel a bit weird :)

    I have read recently that all probiotic supplements need to be enteric coated or else the stomach environment will destroy them before they make it to the intestines. I haven't seen any serious evidence to prove this to be true without a doubt, and I do know that fermented foods have been eaten in many different cultures for thousands of years with proven benefits. Perhaps this speaks to the effectiveness of real, fermented foods like kombucha versus probiotic supplements. In the end, natural is always better.


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