Preventing urinary tract infections in pregnant women

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I have a friend that keeps getting UTIs while breastfeeding. I have explained raw to her, but it does not sink in. She is from another traditional type country and change for her is not easy. She thinks I'm crazy because I don't eat wheat, so please don't suggest raw.

However, she would be open to drinking things or adding things to her diet to make the UTIs stop.

I know cranberry juice helps.

They gave her antibiotics, I think I'll tell her to take probiotics when it's over.

Any other prevention remedies?



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    D-mannose is a tasteless supplement she can add to juice or water. It's concentrate derived from cranberry and it changes the pH level in the urinary tract to make it more difficult for bacteria to grow. Other alternatives include drinking a teaspoon of baking soda when the first twinge hits - with the same goal of changing pH.

    Probably too much sugar and meat in the diet throwing off the pH balance. These are non-intrusive things that might set her on the right path. The d-mannose works well, so hopefully she'll be open to other remedies down the road. I would also suggest a good probiotic after the antibiotics are done. Yogurt just does not cut it with all the added sugars in the commercial stuff.

    Has she tested positive for bacteria? They're sure it's bacterial cystitis?

  • My bladder is all messed up. When I was 17 I got my first UTI. It was horrible. It felt like someone was using my bladder as a punching bag and my urine had blood in it. blah. since then I get UTI's super easy.

    If I do a little *something something* too hard, OH, megans got a UTI, if i hold going pee, OH, megan's got another UTI.

    What i notice helps me is drinking tones of water everyday. NO SODAS or refined sugar or corn syrup at all, in any shape or form. Taking cranberry extract everyday, (highest dose) Not tablets or caplets, you want a gelcap or powder.

    also now is the time, she can go buy tones of fresh cranberries and freeze them. adding about 1/2 cup of those every day in a smoothie would be good too.

    I made this one drink, its so good. You mix cranberries, water, fresh lemon juice and raw honey in the blender. tastes like cranberry lemonaid. Very good.

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