For those who are 100% raw

How long did it take you to completely transition to 100% raw? I've been transitioning for 5 months and I'm still not 100%. What was your turning point that go you to that point?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I think the turning point (or the "ah hah" moment as I call it) is a huge misconception. For me, there was no moment where the light bulb went off and I could suddenly go 100% raw. Instead, it was a lot of small successes that finally lead me to 100%.

    For instance, in the beginning, I could not stay raw for more than a week. Then I learned to eat more and I could stay for two weeks. Then I started working on emotional triggers and I could go for over a month. Then I would have some "major" setback and be back at square one. But this time, it would take me less time to get back on track...on and on.

    All of this required dedication, knowledge, and (perhaps most importantly) experience on my part.

    Remember, it's about progress, not progression. :)




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