Hello everyone. I go by "BeautyDoll". Planning to go raw after my research is done. Need to know a few things... What is the best brand of dehydrator do I need to purchase? Is a vitamix the only way to go? Please email a response to me at lau328@aol.com. Thanks so much!


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    Hi Beautydoll,

    Welcome! As far as dehydrators go, there are many good ones out there, you don't necessarily need to go with an Excalibur which are expensive. I got a maxi-matic 5 tray on Amazon.com for around 35 dollars and it works fantastic! Excalibur's run 100-200 dollars. That's nuts, but if you have the cash you can go with one of those. Then there is the Nesco American Harvest 5-Tray, which is about 40 dollars, my friend has this one and no problems, works great. So look around online and read some reviews before you buy. Hopefully you'll get some other replies here too. Don't forget to purchase the dehydrator sheets.

    Vitamix blenders are great. However I can't give you much personal use advice now, since I just posted a question on this one myself. I am teetering back and forth between the vita-mix 5200 (pricey) and the Champ hp3...the difference between the two is this: The vita-mix 5200 has a turbo charged 2hp motor with 4 blade system to break through the cell walls of the food. The Champ hp3 has a 3 hp motor (more powerful) but only a 2 blade system which makes me think it won't really do well to the cell walls of the veggies and fruits, and this is important. The prices are 449 for the vita-mix 5200 and the Champ 3 is 399 so for the 50 dollars extra, I think maybe the vita-mix would be the way to go and you don't necessarily need the newest model, if you can get the 5000 or the 4500 it would do just as well, there's been only minor improvements on the models, not a big deal really. You can probably get a used one on eBay...that's most likely what I would do... anyway, hope this helped, it helped me, lol...I think I answered my own question.....think I will go with a vita-mix.

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