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I've been transitioning to raw, aiming for 80%- I cut out coffee, sodas, and alcohol (with the exception of an occasional glass of wine) a month ago, and feel over that hurdle. I've also been getting organic produce from a CSA for two years, and eat mostly home cooked meals that are borderline vegetarian to begin with. My question is, why is it that raw veggies make me feel queezy? I can handle a salad, and snack on veggies here and there, but when I eat them in majority, I barely eat. My stomach feels very uneasy. I tried to make a raw soup today- two spoons and I had to stop. Same with dehydrated snacks (like flax crackers). Is this a passing phase? Has anyone had this and gotten through it? I don't feel like I'm detoxing.


  • Sam I've been doing this for about 3 weeks ....well I'm starting my third week, and I feel a little queezy sometimes. I notice last week when I tried to eat a salad or after eating a raw meal that I felt a little queezy. It doesn't seem like it's as sever as what you are feeling. At any rate, when I feel that way I usually try to eat a fruit that I really like or some nuts and sometimes just a big really cold glass of ice water...., it seems to help. I don't know if this will help to you but it may be worth a try. From what I understand when the body is detoxing it can make you feel a lot of things. I've read about people who have been on the raw diet for 2 or three month and still getting some detox symptoms.

    Good luck.

  • Maybe it's a texture thing- and the flavors are so much sharper... Like a grilled onion verses a raw one. I think my taste buds are exhausted.

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    It may be your stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) level is low. This can make you feel queasy when eating, especially a RAW diet. You could try a really good digestive enzyme to help out. Most you take right before you eat and it helps break your food down and aids in digestion. Or, it could just be detox symptoms as well.

  • hi

    you can increase the amount of stomach acid by drinking a glass mof water with 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar or 1/2 cup bottled lemon juice, during your meal. and like juicefast said, the digestive enzyme

  • I will try that and report back in a few days!

  • I've been getting this same thing Sam. Any luck with it?

    I noticed that a banana or other fruit tends to help...or a food bar, like Larabar. but I wonder why that is too... I get it mostly after eating greens like broccoli. weird.

  • Eating cooked foods makes it settle right down, too. I just got back from an extended vacation, where raw wasn't possible, so I'm having to start this experiment again. Im starting with the cider vinegar, because I have it in the house.

  • I have that problem too, after I drink green smoothies, but only on occasion. I find that a cup of peppermint tea helps a lot...or, I'll just chew on a few leaves from my mint plant (kind of like a cat...).

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