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I am a 32 year old nursing student and I am a difficult time staying raw. I have an incrediable ,supportive partner but he can't stay raw. He tries to eat raw to support me but he can never stick to it . He agrees with all the information I've provided and know that it's common sense stuff but he loves his food. Between the 2 of us we have 9 children. I have 3 (15,13,and 4)he has 3 (11,8 and 6) and I have my sisiters 3 children (because my sister died of cancer 10 yrs ago) and I'm the olnly one that wants to be 100 % raw. I am terrified that someone in my family is going to get sick and that they are all poisioning themselves by eating the traditional cooked diet . Does anyone have any ideas or advice for me ,to help me hold my ground and stay raw in a house full of cooked food lovers !. We live in Ontario and the winter is coming. I need some advice on making it through the cold months.

I grow my own wheatgrass as well and I'm looking for somewhere to buy the seeds in Canada. If anyone know a place ,can

you forward the website to me.

Thanks for the shoulder :)



  • Hi what a great sounding family

    Not sure I can give any advice but here is what I do.

    i am finding it difficult to be all raw too as my husband is disabled following a stroke and has 2 carers and I do not always get to prepare my own meals and they ( carers and husband) do not like all raw

    I just make sure that when I prepare meals and I include raw even as a side dish and I tend to only make vegan such as veggie curry which they all love and so do not notice the absence of meat.

    if I am going to eat what someone else has prepared (ie cooked) I ask that its vegan or a least vegetarian ( however the problem is I have gone off all milk products now and I used to love cheese!)

    and I have got everyone hooked on smoothies so that carers and husband have at least one everyday.

    I am finding that everyone is gradually getting hooked on the textures of raw.

    Everyone noticing the benefits of raw but they will not go all the way and they (including my husband) still eat meat and fish but they are not having as much as it is not generally available in the house ( they are starting to have what they call meat treats when I am not around but at least that is not now everyday)

    I have decided that for my husband, that is fine, he is following a far better diet than he was previously and just having the smoothie is making a difference .

    My husband, who is cognitively impaired, got into the habit of eating a lot of sweets. With his permission I substituted a little agarve syrup for his sugar in his tea and now he has stopped eating sweets. I am sure the sugar glucose was giving him cravings for sweets.

    This year I have transitioned from eating a little meat ( have always veered towards veggie) to vegan and I am seeing so many health benefits of eating raw I am just taking it one day at a time and not beating myself up when I fall off the wagon and eat cooked vegan

    I am thinking about heating my raw food a little in the winter, but I also find that adding fresh ginger root to my smoothies gives them a warm feel.

    Good luck and lets us know how you go on


  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Good for you for all that you're doing. I live in Canada, too. Denise. But in the Maritimes. It gets cold here too.

    It may be extremely helpful for you to connect with someone locally that is also raw. Or if not locally find a buddy somehow who is in a similar circumstance.

    When I was growing up my mother was very healthful, but I just wanted to eat meat and chips and all kinds of other unhealthy foods. Only as I grew up into my mid-twenties did I realize that I wanted to eat healthier and make my food a priority in my life. Have faith that your kids may come around some day, and they may say to you what I said to my mom a few years ago, "I wish I would have seen the light sooner. You set such a great example and I wish I could have been a more appreciative daughter." Or something to that effect, anyway. :)

    Also, some practical tips... Make big batches of raw items and freeze or store so that you'll always have stuff that you can eat when you're busy. Drink lots of smoothies... They're so easy to prepare.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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