Is it possible? (about the flu)

Ok so here is my question. About 4 weeks ago I caught the flu. It was about 3 days long and felt like the normal flu. This happened when I was not eating 100% raw.

well for the past couple weeks I've been 100% raw. and I have this feeling if I wasnt 100% raw, I would have the flu full force AGAIN. & if i had the normal flu already, it would be the swine flu. (Lots of people have it in my area)

I feel the ache in my chest, so very slightly, I have random coughing spells, a small burning in my throat, I had a 101 fever for a couple hours, i drank a green smoothie and it went away. I feel very tired. ect.

So is it possible do you think that because im taking lots of supplements and herbs and eating 100% raw with high greens ect. and doing cardio everyday that my body is fighting off the virus without be getting the full force of it?


  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I have heard the swine flu can come back in the imuno surpressed, and that's when it is life threatening. I don't know. Take care of yourself. I thought raw foodies don't get sick. I haven't; and I have been exposed to it.

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Raw foodists can and do get sick! Granted, most of us probably don't get sick as often as people on the SAD, but we do occasionally get sick. Drink water and get enough sleep! Veggie juice always tends to help me out, too... maybe try a little kale, cucumber, lemon, and apple juice!

    For coughing, about 8oz warm water with 1 tbs honey and 1 tsp cayenne will help clear you up. Also, try deep breathing sessions.... works like magic with colds and flu!

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