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Haven't ate anything raw yet but this was suggested to me.

I haven't eaten any of the raw recipes, but this was suggested to me by my older sister. I suffer from an allergy to grains (corn,rice, barley,wheat, buckwheat and anything that is really a grass), so I need more vegetables in my diet. I am also a person that has limited time and is wiling to make things ahead a day or two.

Not to harm anyone feelings this does mean I eat meat. I need the protein, and it is the meal that my mother is willing to make. I live at homes still due to the cost of living. I need to know what can I make without a dehydrator and a food processor. I am currently without that and will surely get one once I am back on my feet financially. How do you start out? Can you substitute a dehydrator at all?

Thanks in advance,



  • My 2 cents worth of advice is to start sprouting lentils and mung beans. Great sources of protein, raw, etc. Many sites offer clear instructions. Only equipment needed is a glass jar. Sprouts plus fruits, greens, some nuts and seeds should be an easy way to start w/o equipment. Good luck to you.

  • sv3sv3

    Do you have a blender? If not, I'm sure you could pickup a cheap one which would be fine.

    My advice would be to get into green smoothies. They are delicious and good for you. So many variations to keep things interesting too.

    Also, you could incorporating more veggies into your diet by chopping up carrots, pepper, celery, etc and having them with hummus or some other veggie dip. Simple, tasty and dead easy too!

    Start by adding as much fresh fruit & veg as possible, then slowly move away from the bad stuff in your diet.

  • You don't need meat for protein, but if you choose to harm animals, that's your choice. Just FYI that meat, dairy, eggs, legumes ,and grains are not necessary.

    I would just eat some fruit. All you have to do is peel it or wash it and eat it. A plate of spinach doesn't require a recipe, either. :)

    Good luck!

  • My suggestion to you would be to add a vegetable salad or fruit salad to every meal. For breakfast, a nice fruit salad (starting out small) to your meal (say it some type of cereal, or eggs. Do the same with your dinner meal. Add the vegetable salad along with your meat. This is a great start, and not as extreme as "going raw" suddenly. Also, your Mom will probably not object.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have made a few meals and find it fairly easy. Mom has no problem with this and is happy to see me growing personally.

    Some of the people I have talked to recently have told me that they have been eating this way for many years and have shown me the products that they use. I am thrilled that I have found tahini without wheat. Yeah. I love the taste so that is a plus.

    Again Thanks,


  • Hemp seeds are the best food for protein. They go well with nearly everything. You can get by just fine without either of those appliances (I do.) Consider the absence of a dehydrator in your kitchen a gift : ). You should ideally be eating hydrating foods anyway. I have found that many of the recipes on here are great if you set them in the refrigerator instead of dehydrating. Food processors seem like more of a luxury than a necessity to me. The presentation of the food isn't all that important if it's tasty. A blender would be a good investment if you don't have one, but of course, that's not necessary either. : )

  • You can sort of substitute an oven for a dehydrator if it's got a fan. Just have it at the lowest possible temperature (below where the numbers are marked - you don't want over 40 Celsius (don't know what that is in Fahrenheit, sorry!)) and keep the door open a crack. I wedge in a dishcloth or something like that to hold it open a little. Not perfect, but works OK.

    As for protein - QUINOA!! It's fairly cheap, sprouts in less than a day (for extra vitamins) and goes with everything! Meat's rotten, gives you bowel cancer and heart failure and shit like that. Avoid it!

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