Chia Seeds

I've never really come across them before, but after seeing so many of you listing them in what you eat I'm intrigued!

What are your favorite ways to eat them?

(If anyone's from Melbourne, Aus - where do you find them?)


  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i like to soak in water, ratio 1:7, for 15 minutes then mix them with blended berries and put in fridge overnight. kinda like a sago pudding.

    i also live in melbourne and often see them in organic health food shops-if you live near brunswick (lygon st) or moonee ponds(mount alexander rd) both the organic shops there sell them, i also think ive seen them at ceres. they are a little obscure and thus blend in with other items on the shelves - the most common brand is chiatah and comes in a red, sealed packet about A5 size. there is also another brand (cant think of the name) with a silver backing and clear front.

    good luck

  • I make nut milk and then add chia to it, leave in the fridge for a while to thicken. Then I slice banana over the top and sprinkel with cinimmon. Tasty brecky. I also just put them in water and drink it.

  • You can make a sort of chocolatey breakfast by soaking them in nut milk, cacao powder, lucuma powder (or another sweetener) then I like to add cacao nibs, goji berries, grated apples etc. I've also seen them added to green smoothies but I haven't tried it.

  • great, thanks guys!

  • Add to smoothies and blended A LOT to give a creamy, thick texture. Add to cold or warm (make with warm water) soups, blended or not blended. Add to tea.

    See recipes on this site, then improvise! We have tried all sorts of fruit and nut milk for berries and cream, peaches and cream, etc. Also LOVE strawberry lemonaid chia pudding!!!

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