manna bread

I was reading a book that talked about manna bread -being a sprouted grain product. The authors were unsure of exactly what temperature the bread was made at, so not 100% sure if it was a raw product. If anyone knows, please let me know…I ate a manna bread, raw almond butter and blueberry jam (a pb & j sandwich)snack that was a small slice of heaven today. I’m really hoping it was raw…


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    I have read that manna bread is not raw, as the cooking temperature is higher than 118 degrees. If I’m not mistaken, I read this on the bulletin board.

  • I just read you live in Ottawa…I just moved from there south near Prescott. It’s nice to have meet someone close to home!

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    Hi, welcome to the Ottawa region!

    You can check out Simply Raw (, based right here in Ottawa.

    If I can help you out with anything, please don’t be shy to ask :)

  • I checked out the site- it’s great to have resources to close!( I still go into Ottawa once every couple of weeks). Thanks for the info- I’m sure I’ll have questions for you soon!

  • I’ve also read a book whose authors were as of writing it unsure of Manna bread’s rawness, and so I tried contacting the company myself. No reply. I’m guessing that it’s not totally raw, but that the company would hate to lose its raw customers by telling them so. I eat it anyway because it’s awesome and better than unsprouted grain bread. I don’t think it’s the worst thing you could eat!

  • I just read in the glossary of “The Complete Book of Raw Food” by Lori Baird that Manna is baked at 240 degrees. Oh well, like I said, I can think of worse things to eat.

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