Another omnivore converted!

Hello everybody!

I just completed day two of switching to a vegan raw lifestyle, so far it has been great. I've read a lot of great recipes and threads on this site - but figured I should sign up as I don't know of any expert source in the area and am sure to have plenty of questions. So far I am not sure how to prepare a lot of official "meals" and have been intimidated about going to buy all the equipment that I've seen listed (want to make sure I can stick to this before I'm broke in the pocketbook!).

Right now what I am most curious about is what I should make sure to eat. I have always been horrible about following nutrition information and I never listened to what my body needed (which is why I researched raw in the first place), so I'm unsure of what I need to be focusing on. I've tried to have a decent balance of fruits, veggies and a handful of nuts - anybody know of any good websites that might list a checklist or something to focus on daily?

I look forward to getting to meet some raw vegans, talk to you all shortly! :)

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