Alkaline Foods and Drinks?

Does anyone follow a specifically alkaline diet? For example, alkaline drops in water? Are goji berries and strawberries alkaline? And how can I make a more alkaline green smoothie? Sorry for all the questions! :)


  • Here you go. : ) This is the chart I use:

  • Thanks alexa, I'll take a look! :)

  • Does anyone have any information or experience on alkaline water--specifically water ionizers? Does anyone use a water ionizer for their raw recipes? I am unsure whether to purchase a water ionizer or just buy a reverse osmosis water filter(which is much cheaper) and use filtered water for my raw recipes. Please advise.


  • I have a water ionizer (Jupiter Orion) along with an excellent activated alumina filter. I love it. When you consider how much of your body is made up of water, and how much the intentions and environment surrounding the water impacts it's structure, I think you'll find that it's very worth it to invest in the best. Ionized water mimics water that one would find in a stream or river- so it's the next best thing when you're not out in nature. Ionized water also contains all of the proper minerals (in fact it would not be able to ionize without them,) and reverse osmosis essentially strips water of these. I can really feel the difference. Every time I consume acidic water I have nausea and stomach problems. An ionizer is not a substitute for a filter though, so an activated alumina filter is really crucial, especially if you're in a location where toxic sodium fluoride is being dumped into the water supply (for your health! *rolls eyes.*) They're reasonably priced. If you have to choose between an ionizer and an activated alumina filter, pick the latter. Fluoride is not something you want in your body at all (and neither are pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other varieties of societally acceptable poisons.)

  • Well, according to this chart I should live forever! :D

  • The funny thing - each chart is different. For example, this one states that apples etc. are alkaline food whilst others say that apart from






    Watermelon (is neutral)



    all fruits are acid. Where is the sense? I start getting tired from all these theories..

  • Hm. Interesting. Didn't know they could differ so much. Perhaps it depends on the starting pH of the body? Obviously sweet fruits are not bad to consume. They're precisely what the body needs the most!

  • As I said, everyone keeps coming up with new theories. That's why I feel I am getting so tired from all this constant looking after WHAT I eat. As if all other food was poisonous. Why can't we just eat?!

    I love this simple truth about a good diet, summed up in seven words by the food writer Michael Pollan: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

    And thats it.

  • Personally I think Michael Pollan is way too casual about meat and dairy. Humans are frugivores, and anyone who has interest in a natural diet will eventually come to this conclusion.

    "Just eating" is fine as long as you eat human food. Unfortunately restaurants and supermarkets stock their facilities with foods that a human never would have picked up and eaten during the less corrupt years of our evolution. I say eat as much fruit as you want. Eat as many vegetables as you want. Stay away from anything that you wouldn't take a bite of in a wild environment. You may get by on "mostly plants," but only on "all plants" will you thrive to your fullest potential.

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