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SEVERE joint pain.... Detox?

For the past three days I have been consuming nothing but banana/date/ice smoothies (approx 5 times a day) and since then have had extremely bad pain. All over.... just pain. I have hip bursitis and it has made it worse. My shoulders and back and lower back are almost unbearable. I slouch and limp.

I am making the switch over to gourmet raw to lower fat and high fruit and am starting this off by doing a week long *cleanse*. Are these signs of detox? I am hoping by making the switch over to lower fat and high fruit that my body will heal itself of the bursitis and am really hoping I am experiencing detox through my joints. I am hoping the 'Devil' is escaping via my joints : )

I tried looking online about joint pain while detoxing but found some odd stuff. I am also 'search engine daft' .

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I have been taking MSM for pain management and it helps wonderfully BUT since this banana cleansing fest it's as if I have been taking nothing. I really really want this to be a detox symptom so it only gives me further desire to continue on!



  • Lol...did you get a bunch of hits for marijuana?? I did the last time I searched something about "joint pain". I did have this happen to me during a juice fast I did. My lower back, right above my hip bones ached so bad and my back would spasm out if I twisted or moved in a certain way, then the pain would radiate up my back and down to my hips, all the way to my toes. I drove 3 hours to a naturopath cus I thought I was going into kidney failure or something. He said I was in "deep" detox. I had cleansed my body so much on prior fasts and raw eating that during this fast, I was detoxing at a deep cellular level. It lasted almost a full week, but after that, I haven't had a single problem since. I don't know if this is what's going on with you or not. These kinds of things could be a deeper detox but they really aren't "typical" symptoms so it really is hard to say. Heating pads and castor oil packs helped to ease the aches and pain, and the castor oil packs are supposed to help pull even more toxins out, which I didn't know at the time...I just wanted something to help ease the pain! I hope someone else might have more insight to what this could be for you!

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    I hope for the love of god this is whats going on. I thought to myself "I have already detoxed so much with my lifestyle that maybe this is something deeper". I was hoping this was that kind of detox. Something deeper! Maybe someone else had the same thing happen???? Hopefully.

    What you said is exactly what I want to happen! I had my boyfriend massage the crap out of my back hoping to extract more toxins. Maybe this week would be a good week to do some oil pulling as well????


  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Going to a doctor might not be a bad idea.

    In the meantime, a warm (or hot) Epsom salt bath will help ease pain and pull toxins out of your body. Just be sure to drink some water afterwards, since it can be dehydrating. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Best of luck finding relief!

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    heh...after I posted that I did exactly what you recommended. Felt amazing afterwards although my upper back still bugged me. It was so nice.

    : )

    I believe I am releasing old injuries and old stress. The only places bugging me was areas that I had injuries in in the past. Amazing huh? How old issues can come up and finally heal themselves when they are given the right circumstances!



  • Castor oil packs are good, but Coconut Oil packs are even better (good on the tummy too)! Also, coconut oil with a couple drops of peppermint EO mixed in rubbed on the inflamed areas feels really good and helps get blood flow moving to help get the swelling out. Good luck! I'm starting a fast today and am hoping for similar results!

  • In addition to eating a vegan diet, another great way to detox and relax at the same time is to spend time in the sauna. I love this so much that I hunted down a home sauna kit and installed one in my home so I can detox whenever I want. This makes me feel great from deep inside and my face also feels so soft. So maybe some time in the sauna would help.

  • I'd ditch the dates, keep up with the bananas, and plenty of greens. NOTHING dried, like dates. Just for now.

  • drybrush!

  • iliveyourdream, I was smiling when I read your post about how it was only areas of old injuries that were bugging you as I was just about to post the explanation I've read about it. It's not really detox that's going on when old injuries bug you, but repair work due to the fasting. Your body has basically had an ongoing "to-do list" with stuff that it never gets to because 60% of your body's energy goes to digestion. Now it's getting the chance since you're resting the digestive system (not quite like a water fast, but close!). So, the white blood cells (lymphocytes, to be specific) go into these old injury sites and start clearing out scar tissue and such. It's a good thing, but it can cause inflammation and, therefore, the kind of pain that even anti-inflammatories like MSM and turmeric won't help much.

    I thought that was sooooooooo cool when I read that. It's like, if I juice fast long enough, I can be completely rebuilt from the inside out. lol On my second Master Cleanse, I had a flare-up of an old injury to my tailbone that hadn't bothered me in years. When I was in elementary school, I slipped on ice and got a hairline fracture. It bothered me into my 20's, especially sitting in certain positions for extended periods, but it eventually faded away. Then my body finally got around to doing whatever needed to be done during my Master Cleanse at the age of 37. ;)

  • To update a bit......

    I am feeling amazing! Every since my banana frenzy I have tried remaining more on the low fat side (tho not all the time) of the raw lifestyle. I dont mean 80/10/10 or anything for that 'diet' does not work for me. I like making gourmet dishes and those will always be a part of my life!

    I believe it is the raw lifestyle in conjunction with the MSM that is curing my hip bursitis. MSM is replenishing years of a deficiency and raw foods is creating a naturally inflammatory vessel. The banana fast was another means to repair on a cellular level. The whole combination worked as a team.

    I am now running again and am able to increase my mileage steady! I really couldnt be happier. I was really loosing hope and thought I may be sedentary and in pain for the rest of my life.

    It's another story about how Raw Foods seems to be the best and most natural way to live!


    Oh..and someone mentioned dry brushing. I do dry brush and find that helps with only mild detox symptoms. More as a maintenance kind of thing :)


  • lynt6lynt6 Raw Newbie

    Hi there

    Been so interesting and comforting to read the comments above.  I have just started a juice detox almost by accident.  I was investigating natural cures for my stomach ulcer and came across all sorts of info w.r.t. products I had been taking to aid my running training. Seems like they had an effect and flared up my uler which I have been free of for almost 3 years.  Started a detox plan I found on the Manna website and it includes juicing - started it 2 days a go, today being my third.  Yesterday I had a headache and last night I could not sleep from the absolute worst hip pain one can imagine. I battled for 2 hours and then just had to take a panado pain killer (with a banana to help it not hurting the ulcer). Probably not allowed on detox but I was very sore. It did help. Today I am wondering if it was ulcer related or detox related.  Googled ulcer related and could not find anything but found this blog when associating hip pain with the detox. I am comforted to hear that others also experienced hip pain.  I am also drinking Siberian Pine Nut oil for the ulcer.  Any comments or suggestions or extra words of comfort before I rush myself to the hospital for resuscitation :) 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Superstar
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    A vitamin D deficiency can cause hip pain. I'm not sure if it would happen that fast, but it's generally not in sufficient levels in fruit. I would supplement and see if it helps. 

  • lynt6lynt6 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Claire.  Certainly will look into that.

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