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Juicer--which one, Green Star, Champion, Breville????

Apologies in advance if this question has already been answered. I'm new, and though I did try to find what I'm looking for in old posts, I'm also impatient and gave up searching when I didn't find it soon enough!

So, I'm really looking for advice on which juicer to buy. I'd really like a masticating juicer as I know they produce better quality juice, BUT, they're so expensive and I get the impression they're slower than centrifugal juicers . . . true? How much slower? Annoyingly so? Like a few minutes slower or like 10-15 minutes slower? Is it a noticeably bigger hassle to clean them than centrifugal ones?

I've had the Magimix one for about a year, and it's broken now. It's going to the repair shop tomorrow for a diagnosis. If it can't be fixed, I'm really torn between getting a new centrifugal one (for


  • ktkt Raw Newbie

    i own the green star and am fairly happy with it. i cant say for certain taht it is superior to the champion but im quite sure it is a lots better than a breville. i dont beleive that it takes any longer, about the same. juicing is fairly slow but since u extract so much more out of each piece of veg/fruit i think it might be a little quicker (and cheaper) overall. the disadvantage is it is a real pain to clean and it creates way too much froth.

    i beleive your juice will start oxidating straight away and hence it is best to have it st8away but it is still good enough after some hours - certainly better than drinking bottled stuff, so unless it smells/taste off, i say go for it.

    good luck

  • sv3sv3 Raw Newbie

    I had the same dilemma as you a few months back but ended up buying a centrifugal (Phillips) juicer. I simply couldn't bring myself to pay hundreds of pounds for a masticating one and decided the whole oxidising issue wasn't something I would too much lose sleep over. I am not 100% raw and no purest when it comes to these kinds of things.

    I am very happy with my juicer, it's dead quick to use and the cleaning is easy.

    I tend to just make juice for my breakfast but occasionally make one in the morning and take it to work. I put lemon in and try to drink as soon as possible.

    I can't comment on the masticating models as haven't used one myself but I have seen one in action (at a raw workshop) and it seemed like a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest. Pretty slow and awkward to take apart/clean.

    My advice would be, if you want to keep things simple/easy and not spend too much, just get a centrifugal one.

  • KazzieKazzie Raw Newbie

    I had a Phillips centrifugal one for ages and loved it, I have a cheaper centrifugal one at work to make fresh juice when I am there, its not much good to be honests the Philips was much better.

    At home I have a green star. I love it and I think it is better for doing green juces than the Philips you get much more juice per leaf. I took ages to save up for it but I do use it everyday.

    Some people use their vitamix and blend everything then strain it, I haven;t tried this but it would seem a good way of not having to buy separate juice and blender.

    I have heard that Angel juicers are also very good and they use one at the raw food cafe that I work at. I don't know how much they are but I am sure you coudl goggle them.


  • When they say one juices slower, they mean the blades or auger move slower to introduce less heat into the juice which should keep more nutrients intact. Time wise it's the same. If you're not doing greens champion is good. I have a SoloStar II juicer that I love because it does greens so well. It's the single auger version of the Green Star and I found it for just over $200, so half the price of the Green Star and the same price as Champion. I'm very happy with it, except for when I tried to make coconut cream and broke the juicing screen... It wasn't made to do that so my bad... But customer service sent me a new one for free anyway! :) So I'd totally recommend it if you can't afford the Green Star (neither could I...)

  • thanks to everyone for your input. i've found out that my magimix CAN be fixed (yea!), so I'm going to keep it around for a while and try to save up for a masticating one sometime in the future. i've been without my juicer for two weeks now and was getting a bit panicky about it, but am quite happy to stick with what i've got for now since the broken parts should be fixed by the weekend.

  • In defense of the Breville.... I have one and it is centrifugal and shoots the pulp out the back (doesn't leave it in the basket) , and it makes totally awesome juice, in seconds, and its very easy to clean, and it only cost about $150. I think the deal with these types of juicers is the juice becomes oxidized quicker than with a masticating juicer but as long as you drink it right away, you get the nutritional benefits. you just can't leave it in the fridge for a day or so. it gets NASTY. but I imagine all non pasteurized juice goes bad very quickly, no matter what kind of juicer you use.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I have a breville and i adore it. I use it all the time. I can juice a whole apple in three seconds, its so easy to clean and it is on the more affordable side. plus it does look much nicer on the counter top, i know that some of the ones i looked at werent nice looking at all - just a thought hehe :)


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