Banana Muffins a bit strange...

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Hi there all :)

I wanted to make banana muffins for quite a while, so I sprouted some spelt for a few days, rinsed it always and such, and all was fine. I ate some kernels yesterday and they were nice and soft and tasted good. So I mixed some things together... put the spelt in my blender until mushy, then added 3 soft bananas, dried natural coconut and coconut flour, raw honey, cinnamon and some 5-spice, sesame seeds, and some water to make it all blend nicely.

All good so far, and it tasted good already. I was really excited about it, thinking of my own homemade manna bread :)) I put the mixture with an ice cream scoop into small paper molds for muffins, got 27 all together, and put those on three sheets in my dehydrator. I dehydrated (because of the moist content), for 2 hours at 145F and then turned down to 105F overnight. Hm, the lower ones are more done as the upper ones as usual, but not much more. But they all got a bit of a sour taste to them now... my husband didn't like his at all, even so I gave him the more firmer one. I ate mine, but it was quite different to the un-dehydrated experience...

I turned the dehydrator on again to have them firmer and drier, but am wondering about the bit sour taste... fermenting ok, but is it still ok?? And does anyone have similar experience? I'd like to know... so please write :))

Haven't been on the forum for a long time, as life got in the way and a lot of work on our organic farm... glad to be back :)

Thanks, Beate


  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Hello! I would say that it is fermentation. If the spelts was even a tad bit fermenty wheny ou put them in the dehydrator, then the heat would have sped up the process quite a bit, making them taste alot more sour quite quickly. Maybe don;t soak them for as long the next time, and just blend them a bit longer. This happened to me all the time. I would say soaking them over night is as long as it takes to make them soft, you can use them then. But if you relly wnt them sprouted, you may have to just live with the taste. The sprouts will be giving off nitrogen gasses, because they are living. Plants convert nirtogen into nitrous oxide, or somthing along those lines when they are growing and living, this is what causes the sour taste. Its anaerobic respireation! Horay bio

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