Raw dog food and treats

Hello everybody, does anyone know any good raw recipes for dog treats. We generally feed him raw meet and veg but would really like some ideas for treats. We've just started cliker training with him ( which has fantastic resulsts and would recommend it to anyone ) and want some healthy options rather than the shop bought rubbish. Any ideas let me know, thank you Alex.


  • Hi, I have seen recipes for dehydrated sweet potato treats - if I can locate them again, I'll let you know. My dog loves raw pineapple and watermelon in addition to other stuff and I would think they would make good dehydrated treats. My guy does not care if he gets meat or not and his vet said don't worry about it. But you could make chicken jerky for your dog,. I have used the jerky for training and he does like it very much. Do you have a site or a book that you recommend for clicker training information and instruction?

  • You can buy dehydrated organic meat treats at specialty (independent, non-Pet Co type) pet shops. They're pricy, but good. I also feed my pack raw, but occasionally indulge in cooked (read: stinky=interesting) treats. My Big Girl (an Aussie) will eat E.VER.Y.THING that isn't nailed down, so I don't have much of a problem getting her attention with ANY food: fruit, veggies, etc. but as far as training goes (portability, no mess, etc) I have found that green beans work great. They travel well (not much spoilage) and can be broken down into little pieces for rewards. Hope that helps - good luck!

  • Hi, thanks alot for the great ideas. Clikker training is excellent i'm pleased your interested, there are lots of books out there, the book i'm reading at the moment is called Click for joy by Melissa C. Alexander. I got it from the libruary so it didn't even cost me anything.

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