I have a question. So i have this problem with thunder thighs. Please dont tell me to just love them because i wont or anything about genes because i used to have thin legs or good size legs that i used to have before i went to college :(.!!!!!:) I love walking and running and started running more for about a week now and noticed that my pants are fitting a lot tighter and my thighs are getting bigger:(. I was trying to get answers by google and got mixed answers. I was running to burn leg fat but i hear you build muscle then they get slim???????(of course i eat raw foods not not huge amounts of fat n lost 40 pounds but then gained ten after a while) would walking more be more better to lose thigh fat then use running to tone them??? Please help


THanks A LOT


  • I you are running, you are going to build up your leg muscles. Do more cardio excercises that don't focus on one muscle group. It is very possible that you are building muscle first and that you will burn off the fat later. Don't fret about it too much, but unless you want to build up your thighs, stop running.

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    Very true, and when you build muscle, it is just building muscle on top of the fat first. Yoga, Pilates, toning type exercises, leg exercises with resistance bands would be really helpful as it will help lose inches and burn fat. Another thing you can do is weight training...keep it at small amounts of weight (like 3-5 lbs) but lots (!) of repetitions...start small and build from there. This will help burn off excess weight without bulking up. And, walking is hands-down one of the healthiest exercises you can do for your body. You may want to revert to walking until you get to the size you want, and then start running again.

  • thanks a lot this was very helpful

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    For the first month or so of running your legs will retain water making them seem bigger. After a run keep your legs lifted for a bit to get that water back into circulation. Don't worry, the more miles you run the more calories your burn. Don't let your food habits increase and sister, you'll be losing in no time:)

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