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  • You all were so right! I cried through most of Earthlings--a must-see! (you can find it on google videos)

    Another motivation is how beautiful raw food makes you...just look at the avatars on here! And, check out thegardendiet.com. Jinjee (41) lost all of her baby-wieght in 10 days! And it was her 5th kid! Her stomach is as tight as anyones! It's truly amazing.

  • hey superfood2, I feel like we hijacked the thread but oh well, sorry OP!

    Examples of my GS:

    Banana, Apple, Greens, Water and/or coconut water

    Papaya, peach, greens, ginger, mint, water

    Banana, blueberries, greens, coco water, ice, cinnamon

    Mango, pineapple, celery, greens, coco water

    Anyway, you get the idea, no extra weird stuff, just straight up fruit and greens. Like I said, a 'normal' person would lose or at least maintain weight eating those, but my body just doesn't work right. Like if I eat a banana I get a sugar rush and massive crash like I ate a plate of pancakes. It sucks. Fruit and greens are truly my favorite foods and taste-wise I could live on just them, but my body won't cooperate... :(

    I don't want to start a big argument either, seems like nothing sparks a debate as quickly as discussing fruit! If you have advice I'm all ears!! It seems like I've tried everything, but maybe I'm missing something obvious... I've tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, biotin, fasting, fermented foods, probably more but idk what right now...

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I wouldn't have put coconut water in there.....or any ginger or cinnamon. But not sure what happened - maybe try to give it more time or fast for 12 hours each day? Just if you would want to try it again.

    I didn't mean to hijack, either! Oops. :)

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    stellaJewels, just wanted to mention that I've read that you do indeed lose muscle, even if you are exercising. From what I understand, on a juice fast you will burn protein for the first couple days, then your body will switch to fat-burning mode. Not sure why, and can't remember where I read that but it was online somewhere! It was a general day-by-day description of what happens on a juice fast.

  • vabeachcgvabeachcg Raw Newbie

    stellajewels...i just finished a green smoothie fast ...well by just finished, i started eating raw solids at the end of day 2. the buzz was gone; though i had excellent experience...by day 2 i CRASHED and my digestive system, for some reason, wasn't eliminating..freaked me out, so i started eating solid foods. i am just now getting regular again...and this is 2 days later.

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