Alternative to dehydrator?

Hello everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has tips on dehydrating foods by any other methods than dehydrator? I am really, really craving something more solid - some crackers, perhaps. I know that dehydrator is a useful thing to have, but I can't really invest at the moment and I am also don't think that it is a very 'green' way of cooking - think about all the electricity it uses during those 12-14h of dehydrating..

So, I am thinking if there are any other methods of dehydration? I now the oven one, but still - it uses just as much energy as a dehydrator. Is there anything more natural (can't use sun at the moment, it is rather cold now where I live)? But I live on the top floor and it is always very windy on my balcony - could I use that somehow?


  • Hi, I thought of a solution for powering a dehydrator if you decide to invest.

    Yes, over time a dehydrator could use a lot of power so an altrnative would be to create your own power. Some people might not have a lot of space so micro wind turbines is a possible solution. Here's a link

    I'd like to know how this works out for someone.


    @liteguru Chad

  • I've been looking into dehydrating with my box fan.

  • Today I was on line at the grocery store talking to a fellow raw vegan and she told me that if you have a gas stove, you can leave it off, but if the pilot is still on and you leave your food near the bottom, it's a fine dehydration method. I haven't tried this, though.

  • My grandma used to make bread crusts like that! Thanks for the memory :)

  • Thanks for the ideas! Right now, I am trying out my hot water boiler cupboard - just put in a tray or potato crisps some 1/2h ago.. Lets see what comes out in some 12h....

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