Experiences with emotional and behavioral patterns of kids gone raw?!


I m wondering if any of you has experienced their kids changing their emotional and behavioral patterns after eating raw for a while. I m questioning because some months ago I insisted my parents not to give him meat and sausage any more. This has been quite a struggle because especially my father believes you cannot survive without meat and sausage. I experienced significant changes with my nearly 3 yr. old boy. He s never been a good sleeper but we had an improvement from awakening and crying at night from about 10 times down to 2 to 5 times a night. Also his mood has changed towards beeing more balanced and less anger and defiance.

I m wondering if going raw would make another difference??!!

Myself I m trying to eat mainly raw vegan, but still cooking (not because of conviction but so far I couldn t manage to give up). Though the more I read about it the more I think it s also about changing the life style and I bought some recipe books (raw!) to get ideas for raw recipes to be less helpless in the kitchen when it comes to preparing food. My experiences with my son eating raw are very different. sometimes i m questioning what on earth he might want toeat??? But I m figuring out that big questions are: 1. is he really hungry? (not always easy to let him wait till he s hungry cause the grandparents are next door....) 2. the surrounding: he s eating berries in the garden and sorrel in the meadow but having it on his plate he doesn t like it....

I m eager to read your comments


  • Hi Sorrel

    I believe that food has almost everything to do with behaviour in children.

    I have the full time care of my 7 year old grandson who has multiple behaviour problems (ADHD ODC etc) and lots of food intolerances.

    I have found that the cleaner his diet (as in almost no chemicals, and very little processed food) the less of the problem behaviour I see, and the more calm and in control of himself he seems to be.

    I am new to raw food, but am slowly including more and more raw food and less cooked food in our diet. It is still too early to tell what the effects are going to be, and I suspect that I will not see any major shifts until he is eating mostly raw food

    I am so grateful for groups like this one that allow mw to access recipes and other folks experiences.

  • I don't doubt for one minute that the raw food changed your kid's behavioral patterns. Just knowing the tremendous anxious affect coffee has on my system is one of MANY examples that food/SAD products can have on your body. Especially with kids being fed the steroids from processed meat, I'm sure most of the effects SAD food has on kids goes almost un-noticed in society and even considered normal! Good job for keeping your kids as raw as you're able. It's helping them in the long run!!

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    My son is only 8 months old, but I can definitely tell a difference just depending on what foods "I" eat. (He is only nursing, at this point.) It is absolutely mind boggling. I'm nervous, but looking forward to feeding him all raw, and within the next year, my husband and I plan on going raw ourselves. Kids need life, and raw food has it!

    Please feel free to check out my blog and maybe share some of your experiences with this. I'd love to hear them!

    Bless you!


  • Food has a HUGE impact on kids behavior! In my experience with my own children (now 8, 6 and 5)raw food diet for them completely changed their behavior. Several years ago, they were diagnosed with MANY food sensitivities, digestion issues, etc. This was on a fairly healthy vegetarian diet. I have always cooked much from scratch, fed them organic when I can, lots of fruits and veggies, not alot of packaged/processed foods. They STILL were very sick. They had horrible 'tantrums', didn't sleep, had circles under their eyes, didn't grow for over a year nor did they gain weight. I had them on a 90% raw diet for 6mo and HOLY MOLY what a difference! Allergies cleared up, tantrums disappeared, they gained weight and grew. They slept better at night. It was fantastic.

    Unfortunately, I let them go back on cooked foods. I was so happy they were 'better' that I did not resist allowing them some of their old favoritye foods. However, now we have some new issues and we are transitioning back to mostly raw for them. My oldest was dx'd with Autistic Disorder, my middle child has Sensory issues, and my youngest has digestive issues and is VERY small for his age(my dh is 6 feet, I am 5'6" and he is 5 and the size of a 3.5yo...) My oldest craves a typical 'autism diet' of starch and cheese...which is the worst thing for him, and it shows.

    My recomendation, and what worked for me was to involve the kids as much as possible in the shopping, preparing and food choices. Make sure there is plenty of fruit available, as kids love fruit. Smoothies with fun names were always a hit with my kids (I called green juices Dino Juice, for example) Trust that they crave what their bodies need, and if your child only wants oranges and snap peas for 3 days...its ok :) Their bodies aren't as corrupted as ours, and they can tune into what they truly need better than we can.

    Hope that helps!


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