can someone help me find a website

A bit a go someone gave a link to a website similiar to I like it ALOT better than fitday but have lost the link. Can anyone help me with this?


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    I’m interested to know it! I’ve used fitday before and sometimes it just frustrates the heck out of me!

  • I found it!

    I like it cause it seems to work easier. you can also save meals you eat regulary instead of always adding those foods every day a thousand times. you just have to click the meal and your done. you can also add you own foods that arent on their

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    Cool beans! Thanks, I’m gonna go check it out :-)

  • I also like, they give a full nutritional description for any food, even restaurants/fast food. And it allows you to break down the nutrition in your own recipes. Plus, you can keep a daily record if you’re dieting, etc.

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    The problem that I’ve been having with these websites is that they allow you to customize your foods and what not for cals and fat, but they don’t let you customize calories burned for workouts. You have to pick from their stupid workout lists. I’m soooooo curious to see my breakdown for the foods I’ve eaten and how much of that gets burned up by my body on it’s own and when I workout. I workout a lot on the treadmill with preset workouts where I burn tons of calories but I can’t input that into these diet/exercise websites! Gosh darn it, it pisses me off!!! I just think I’d be neat to track all of that and it’ll keep me focused, but these sites are only allowing me to accurately keep track of my food!

  • I think Nutridiary is easier to use too, but I can never seem to find a place to see my nutritional breakdown like I can on fitday. Is there a place to see a nutrient report? What I do is go on Nutridiary, create a meal, and then enter that meals nutritional information into fitday as a “custom food”. That way I get the ease of entering whole meals that I eat often with one click, and also getting the full nutrient information.

  • Actually, nutridiary helps with the work out. You insert what you do for works outs, and it shows you how much you need to eat to loose weight or gain weight because of the calories lost :)

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    Oh sweet. I’ll have to take a closer look! I signed up and stuff but have yet to actually “play” with it and start using it! Thanks though!

  • Its really nice. I told the web site I want to be 200 by the end of the year, and they gave me calorie intake advice along with how much more you may need to eat after how hard you work out to replace those calories.


    I have been playing with this site for about 2 years and it still has all my data in it. You can input all the foods you eat and it will break down what nutrients you are getting or need more of. If you want to lose weight it will calculate the amount of calories you need or even just to maintain your current weight. It tallys the calories all day as long as you put it in. It is fun to play with. It sounds like the ones you guys have visited.

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