your favourite SPIRALIZER recepies

your favourite SPIRALIZER recepies

Hi there!

Even though I'm hesitant about new kitchen equipment, I've recently purchased a spiralizer and I have to say i LOVE it. I obviously am a very visual person, and if it looks like noodles my tummy believes it and is super-happy. =)

I've already tried out zucchini -"noodles" with tomatoe sauce, and now I'm curious about your favourite spiralizer recepies. I'm sure there is so much more you can do with it!

(I've got the lurch one, it has 3 different blades: )

Enlighten me! =)


  • By the way, I browsed the recipes-section of course, but I'd like to know your personal favourites!

  • I just made the Butternut Squash Con Agli Olio last night

    so good!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I love using the spiralizer on beets, golden beets especially. Big fat carrots are great too. I totally know what you're saying about the visual appeal. Sometimes when I'm making salads I'll spiral instead of slice some of the veggies just because I like the looks of it.

    I have a recipe on here somewhere for beet pasta - it's really tasty.

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