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how do you maintain your weight?


so i lost the amount of weight i wanted to lose with exercise (and the raw food diet) and want to know how people maintain it. i love walking and walk for about an hour and a half a day esp at the beach(5 sometimes 6 days a week) but i am not trying to lose more weight, i just don't know how to maintain and how much fats to eat even though i don't eat much of it.

I don't want to eat too much fats and i know its not all about counting but you should still eat in moderation(i love raw cheesecake, and ice cream and could eat it all day! literally)

SO, how do you maintain it because i want to incorporate RAW cheesecake and RAW ice cream again n avocados :)???

(P.S, sorry if it seems like i am counting calories, i am really not but i don't think its OK to over do it with anything (mostly))


  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Like Raw cheesecakes and ice cream?

    I believe if you go back to eating SAD food like the ones mentioned then it is just going to further lead you to other SAD foods. Was raw foods JUST for a diet? Sorry if it sounds rude but just trying to understand more :)


  • O no i ididnt take that rudly i meant RAw Cheescake and Raw ice cream because they contain lots of nuts and coconuts and stuff i been raw for a good amount of time and dont plan going back to sad


  • sv3sv3

    Well, I just use frozen bananas for my raw ice cream and add a few raisins, buckwheaties, cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup or argave. No nuts needed and totally delicious!

    When it comes to raw cheese cake though , I don't have any suggestions I'm afraid. If you're trying to limit your nuts/avocado consuption, just make the high fat desserts as a treat once in a while. (Or freeze small portions you can have now and again)

    Compared to SAD desserts, high fat raw desserts are still a miles better for you so I woudn't sweat it too much. :0)

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    Alright, well this then will be easy for you to maintain! I am glad to hear that you have achieved your goals. You deserve the world for that! I myself am still on my way and having a bitch of a time I might add! Yay for old injuries!

    Think of maintaining as the easy part! You no longer have to restrict your foods as much as you were previously AND you dont have to work out as hard! If I were you I would just gauge how much more you are eating and work out accordingly. On days or week where it has been heavy in the fat content, work out (walking/running) for a good 45min to 60min. On days or weeks you are eating a healthy low (ish) fat raw vegan, diet work out by means of yoga and walking. Staying light on cardio will be key so you dont burn more calories you are taking in. Thats key.

    So am I totally lame and didnt see the RAW cheesecake and RAW ice cream or did you edit it to add in the RAW part. Sometimes I can be daft so wouldnt doubt it if I just passed right over it.

    Congrats again!

    Can I ask you.... what was your starting weight and finishing weight, AND the duration you lost it in. I am always looking for inspiration!



  • Thank You!

    Especially for your input!

    i did edit it becasue i thought may be everyone would think that im talking about reg ice cream and cheescake (NO WAY!) so it wasnt you at all:) it was my fault OOPSIes!!

    i hit college i blew up to about 180 pounds(yikes!my heaviest ever) i did my research (esp since my sis tol me to do it for raw food) and i started tranisitioning my food because i felt so uncomfortable esp starting to wear bigger clothes i was swimming in

    my second year of college on oct 1(realy sept 29 but practically oct loL) 08 was when i started and around dec 21that year i lost about 45 pounds. YAY!

    i was eating all of this raw food and shocked i was still losing weight. it was very fast when i lost all that weight everyone i saw was shocked and thought i had some eating disorder. and here i am now ....i slowly started to eat cooked foods again 4 no reason and then gained 10 pounds(this past summer) and i told myself i am not letting that happen again. so i incorporated excercising an hour and a half a day (no treadmill for me )i walk to school and back (50 min) and walk at the beach for about 40 min for fun and lost that excess weight again and dont plan on going back to cooked! but even tho i lost that weight i was afraid of incorporating high raw fats but thanks for your input becasue i know i excercise enough and will def do what you suggested

    at first it was about weight loss for me but its also about health for me too. (i hate eating things i will regret later)

    So basically after all that bla bla bla loL : lost 45 pounds in less than 3 months am about 135 5'4 and a half and feeling great with glowing skin(literally), dont give up becasue trust me at the end you will be happy! and again i thank you for suggestion and hope you get to where you want to be, if u want to know any thing else im very happy 2 answer !


  • Congrats on your success!! I would restrict the ice cream/cheesecake to twice a week. supplement with other yummy sweet raw foods to your hearts content. I can eat all the figs I want. I don't gain a pound. I just discovered this today, and I LOVE IT. it's gonna be like eating breakfast & dessert all at the same time. 1/2 cup sunflower seeds finely ground. Enough oil (sunflower oil, other) until it makes the ground sunflower seeds crumbly. Add 1 banana and mash or mix all ingredients together. Man, if I would have had some blueberries i would have been in heaven. This will also be something I eat all the time, and I would bet money, I don't gain a pound. Even eating the young coconut with the fresh water & meat is also an awesome treat that is not as heavy as the ice cream. I eat at least 1 every week, and still maintain my weight. I am 115lbs, 5'2 and no matter what i eat, as long as its not cooked, i don't gain a pound. I am poor so i can't eat alot of ice cream or cheesecake, so my budget keeps that portion under control, so i have no hard/fast information on how much of it you can eat without gaining :) best wishes, i think you'll find, it's easier than you thought to maintain. Just keep on keepin' on (as i think someone else on goneraw said)

  • sv3sv3

    There's nothing better than discovering something you absolutely love and realising that it's fresh, whole and totally good for you! The first time had persimmons, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! There are so many delicious, natural foods out there, it's becoming easier and easier to leave the sad cr@p behind and not feel like I'm missing out.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    My only input is to try to go off how you feel and *not* how you look. The "healthy" look in America is typically bloated. If you are healthy on the inside and you feel great, then however you look on the outside is how it should be, and that is beautiful.

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