in vancouver , 22/f new to raw!!

Hey all! this site is so encouraging. I just moved to Canada from San Francisco to finish school. I tried veganism in the past when i lived with a few kinda vegans, they tended to give in a lot, they weren't all in it and it was hard for me to fully commit to veganism let alone raw veganism when they kept giving in. I have been struggling with severe tiredness and mood swings for several years and i really want to change my eating habits, i am serious now, and i want to succeed. Im glad i have this site to get some great pointers and insight!

Thanks! Also if anyone is in the area and knows of any raw restaurants that would be great!



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    Hi Gia welcome to goneraw! This is a totally awesome site and I am so glad that I have found it. It has been really helpful and inspiring for me on my raw journey. Good luck on your raw journey and and if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask :)



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    Welcome! Wow, that's a huge step to up and move, especially out of the country, on your own...if you can accomplish that, you can tackle this whole raw thing no problem eh! Lol, sorry, I'm from northern MI and I think we say "eh" more than most Canadians I've no offense I hope =) Good luck and I hope you find lots of support here and in your new town as well!

  • Thank you so much you guys are so encouraging!

    Any ideas for how to help craving for i guess sugar cravings really. i get them all the time! Like for example... i work in catering and we served these amazing desserts and yea, i had a brownie or two... goodness its so hard!

  • hey gianinamarie!

    to help my sugar cravings i try to prep a lot by having ready made snacks that satisfy my sweet tooth. At the moment I have these little macadamian, vanilla, coconut ball things in my freezer and I will drizzle agave or any kind of sweetner on them. this helps whenever my boyfriend is indulging in his gluten free brownies that he eats around me waaaayyy to often. also, i don't know if youve heard of chia seeds, but if you get those you can make a pudding out of them... here is how..

    2/3 cup chia seeds

    4 cups water

    beat or stir well for 5 minutes, if you have a kitchen mixer, like a kitchen aid then use it, unless you are wanting a great arm workout hehe

    you can then add in vanilla, cinnamon, raisens, agave, honey, cacao, or any kind of freesh fruit.

    put in the fridge for at least 45 minutes and let it set. i would def. add sweetner of some kind.

    *it might even help to put the pudding in little individual containers or cute serving glasses and just cover it with glad wrap or something so the portions will be evened out. this recipe makes a ton of pudding so you could just half it and use 1/3 cup chia seeds and 2 cups water. I hope this helps.. if anything eat more fruit because that helps a lot with cravings.. i just watched a lot of youtube videos about that from the durian riders they do the 80-10-10 raw vegan diet lifestyle.

    ... okay have a great day :D

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