To soak or Not to soak

How do you know what not to soak and what to soak?

I just saw in the grawnola recipe that you don't have to soak buckwheat sprouts- why?


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Check out this website:

    It has great information for pretty much anything your trying to sprout.

    Check this for buckwheat:

    They say the soak time for buckwheat is 20-60 minutes because: "Groats take up all the water they need quickly, that is why their Soak time is so short. They get waterlogged if soaked too long, and will never sprout - so -

    Don't over-soak!"

  • Thank you for the site I'll check it out.

    I didn't soak them today and I didn't have any flatulence so I may not soak them ever!

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