Hello from Denver, CO Suburb

Hi there,

I am fairly new to the raw food lifestyle. I started in July and my family followed me a month or two later. I can't say exactly how I got here, except to say that I kept following my intuition and here I am! I know that I have made the right decision, but I have days when I feel very stressed because I don't know what the heck I will feed my family that night. My 6-year-old presents me with the greatest challenge. I keep thinking that her palette is going to change, but this child is very determined. We are getting by on Two Moms in the Raw crackers, Dr. Cow nut cheeses and green smoothies for her. She will eat some other things here and there, but every day is a struggle. I do still allow her to have Ezekial bread with almond butter and fruit, though I recently realized that the almond butter I had been feeding her wasn't actually raw. I bought some raw almond butter, which she went through quickly. I decided to make my own almond butter and she hated it. I need to figure that one out!

Anyway....I am really hoping to meet some supportive people. I feel pretty isolated. The people I know consume a lot of processed foods laiden with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils. Before going raw, I was feeding my family a completely organic, home-cooked diet so we were already the odd ducks of the bunch. Now, people think I've gone off the deep end!

I look forward to reading through the forums and finding some new, fun recipes to try. I have always loved trying new recipes! I have found, though, that I don't have the knack, yet, for picking good raw recipes like I did with cooked recipes.


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