Happy November Everyone,

Locale-Lake Superior

Hobbies-bicycling, kayaking, wild food nibbling, some work in the woods, yoga, meditation.

Raw food in my daily diet has been 50 to 90 percent this past month but I never really track it. Even though I'm agnostic my diet choice is based on ethical and spiritual reasons along with the healthy bonus, so my percentage of raw doesn't concern me much. At age 59, this style of eating seems to be less inflammatory and allows me to notice how certain foods or food groups affect me. It seems to reduce cravings for me also, although once last week I stopped at a store in the middle of 'no where' and had a snack of 3 bananas and one hostess twinkie and then smiled thinking this is a 75 percent raw snack.

Lately, I've had a couple raw cacao beans each day but also baked a dozen of them for guests that prefer a mellowed taste.

Hope you all enjoy the Fall season or whatever season it is in your locale,


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