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Who's got the top beauty tip?

I'm pretty informed on the basics of skin beauty. I just want to know from your real experiences

what is the top beauty remedy for your skin. Thanks!


  • sv3sv3

    Green juices are good for the skin...but so is being raw in general and drinking a shed load of water...

  • avocado oil is a wonderful all-purpose moisturizer and conditioner. I don't use any other creams, lotions or hair conditioners.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    for my face, i swear by tea tree oil for pimples and jojoba oil for moisture. my skin looks amazing.

  • joannabanana - I've been following your tea tree oil and jojoba routine for a few months now. I saw you mention it in an old thread and I love it! It has made all the difference in my skin too :) Thank you!

    I also use coconut oil as my general body moisturizer. Love it!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    brownie, it makes me so happy that it has improved your skin, too. since it's been cold and dry outside, i've only needed the jojoba oil on my face. i definitely agree that coconut oil is amazing. it feels like butter on my skin ; )

  • for me, the best remedy has been to not put anything on my skin at all. i used to wear natural makeup, use oils, and organic soaps/cleansers and stopped the makeup about 7 months ago and stopped using everything else about 6 months ago. my skin has never looked and felt more amazing. and i have to say the same for my hair, it's so much healthier now that i only wash it with a little lemon juice.

  • Here's mine: raw honey for facial cleanse, coconut oil for moisturizer and for hair after shower (I don't usually use shampoo), and apple cider vinegar when the occasional breakouts occur. It's cheap, natural and it works!

  • I've wanted to try coconut oil for awhile but would like everyone's advice on a brand... I read that coconut "butter" was good for the skin but when I tried using it, it didn't really melt well on my skin and kind of felt odd. Do you guys use actual "oil" or do you use the "butter"? Do you think it works well for the delicate eye area to prevent fine lines? Brands?

    Also, do you put your tea tree all over your face or just on an emerging pimple?

    Thanks girls!

  • I've used coconut oil and butter on my skin. The butter is a whole food product so it has coconut "meat" in it as well and may not dissolve on contact/with heat as well, but I think both are fine.

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    I don't put anything on my skin that I couldn't eat so I stick primarily to drinking water, the carrot pulp face cleanse, coconut oil (I order mine through drbenkim.com's web site, out of all the ones I have tried, I like that one the best) on my elbows, knees and hair and either a sugar or sea salt scrub to exfoliate when needed and a homemade shampoo. Other than that I don't really do anything else.

  • I have Artisana coconut butter but it leaves a grainy feeling on my skin...

  • Wow! Thanks for all the information!

  • When you say a "shed load" how much water is that? I know green juices are amazing for skin beauty but I find that

    the cold weather stops my desire. Ever find this the case with yourself?

  • sv3sv3

    Sorry, 'shed loads' is just my way of saying as much as you can possibly drink. I'm not a naturally thirsty person so I find it hard sometimes to drink enough fluid.

    I know what you mean about the cold weather, I haven't been juicing as much lately. I've moved onto different types of meals now the cold weather is kicking in. I need to keep juicing though as I feel so good on green juices.

  • Thank you!

  • My friend from Puerto Rico and I were eating Papaya all of a sudden he started to smear it on his face! She told me it makes the perfect "mask" and detox for the skin and that you can feel the enzymes working and lifting out toxins! I gave it a try and wow she was right it was tingling and I can feel it working, so she said to do that but let it sit for a few minutes then wash or wipe off...nature's perfect facial! It also looks really funny and fun so at a recent raw potluck we had a Papaya Facial thing we all put papaya on each other's faces it was so funny and fun we all laughed had a great time and got the RAW GLOW!

  • In a recent newspaper article "scientists" found that enzymes in Pineapple and Papaya had the strongest anti-aging effects and properties, so it makes sense to put it on your face after eating, you will feel really refreshed and cleansed!

  • I'm curious about those of you who've said you don't use shampoo or only use lemon . . . how do you get your scalp clean??? does it take your hair a while to adjust?

    i absolutely HAD to wash my hair every day until i trained. it was so used to being washed once or twice a day (i used to be a swimmer) that it would get greasy at the roots (not a good look for a blonde!) if i didn't wash it. i can go 2 or 3 days without shampoo, but if i got it completely wet, it wouldn't be nice without shampoo. what do you do to get it to be nice?

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    i love the idea of a papaya facial, bryan! that sounds utterly delightful!

    I use coconut oil for a lot of my skin care. awesome for aftershave, moisturizer and tattoo conditioner. i also put it in my hair, sleep overnight with it in then wash it out. awesome!!

    i have a balm that is tea tree oil, olive oil and vitamin e that i use topically on any zits i get. its pretty stellar

  • hi bluegreenherbivore!

    it cleans my scalp really good, you just have to massage it a lot while you have the lemon juice in your hair and while you're rinsing. my hair looked pretty bad for about 3 weeks and then it started to look better and better everyday after that. it definitely helps to not wash your hair everyday, otherwise your hair will get greasy fast. if you're trying to transition to no 'poo, washing with baking soda every once and a while helps with really greasy hair. hope this helps!

  • thanks for the tip, kelly.

    so, lemon juice or baking soda . . . will try that out. have also just bought some sulfate-free shampoo today, so thinking of incorporating that in too. right now i shampoo every 2 or 3 days, but might try doing just lemon and then using the sulfate-free shampoo once or twice a week. once my hair adjusts to that, i'll start cutting back on the shampoo.

  • DeborahBeeDeborahBee Raw Newbie

    MSM powder.

    I introduced just 1 teaspoon of it a day with my morning lemon water and within months my hair and nails were longer, my skin had a lovely glow (additional to my raw and dry skin brushing glow), my skin became very clear and the pores shrunk, my eyes shinier. Basically all the wonderful effects of a raw diet magnified!


  • miss soufflemiss souffle Raw Newbie

    Ive started using Almond oil on my body after having a shower. I also like using olive oil all over my body and then washing it off with soap! it makes my skin clean yet moisturized without being oily. (^_^)

    Pimples: I used vitamin A capsules on the yukky area; open it up and dab on. It worked better then tea tree oil for me and anything else Ive ever tried (not that my skin is too horrible of course).

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