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KristensRaw: Q about Living Light

germin8germin8 Raw Master

KristensRaw, I noticed you took the classes at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. Can you tell me about your experience there? I looked into taking classes from there to become an associate chef, but I am taking another path. I’m still curious to learn about your experience there. What part of the chef training at Living Light has benefited you the most? What did you like the least? Thanks.


  • Ooo I would like to know this stuff too. I’m planning on taking classes there next year. Thanks a bunch!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    ...hello? :o)

  • Hey, I’m going to be there August 24-26 for the Vibrant Living Expo! I’m so excited! My mom and I are both going, and we’re going to stay in a hotel for the whole weekend and have a mother-daughter raw getaway. I SO can’t wait! I live just over the “hill” from Fort Bragg, in Ukiah. The picture of me here is actually one my son took at the botanical gardens in FB. Germin8 and lauralai, are you close by? How cool is this?

  • Woops, lauralai, I just read in your bio that you’re in Wisconsin. :op

  • Yes Wisconsin for now, CA in January. Yay! Southern CA though. I plan on traveling up to attend classes. One of my very dearest friends lives up in Ukiah. Wow, enjoy yourself!!

  • Isn’t that funny? I love the internet! Here you are all the way in Wisconsin and you have a friend who lives in the same little town in northern California as me. Hehe… those kind of connections never cease to amaze me. ;o)

  • jenergy! just read the write up on your little town in mother earth news, it sounds like heaven! they also wrote up bellingham washington, one of the places ive always wanted to live….

    lauralei im in socal….look me up if you want and we can go to the greenery for lunch!

  • I also went to living light in March. I took the 3 part chef training series. I had an incredible experience there. I gained a lot of knowledge and met some great people. Jennifer Cornbleet(raw food made easy)taught part of the instructor training. If you want a career as a raw chef and instuctor this is a good place to start. If you just want to learn some basics the fundamentals class is also excellent. I will also be at the Raw Expo weekend. I will giving a demo during the rising young chef part of the weekend.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Omshanti….I used to live right near Bellingham, WA…. (and actually worked there for a few months) BEUTIFUL town, with so much wonderful energy. One of the reason’s we moved to Flagstaff, AZ is because it reminded us so much of Bellingham.

    Which Mother Earth was the write up in? I thought I had the most recent magazine, but didn’t see it in there. Am I missing one?

  • no way spirited mama, how was bellingham? Ive been dieing to live there….was thinking of maybe a raw cafe there …..how do you think that would go over? flag was a favorite of mine too but last visit i got a weird vibe form the town, its bigger than i remember and more “collegy” of course we where on the motorcycle with a group who where kida high stress….maybe the vibe was theirs! teehee anyhoo it is in the aug sept issue”fresh food year round” on the cover with beautiful veggies! how long did you live up there? and werent you born and raised on vashon island? wow! how would anything compare to that?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yep, born and raised in the BEST place on the entire planet (but of course I am biased…LOL!) We lived near Bellingham for about 3 1/2 years, and I worked there on and off for about a year, until just before my daughter was born. A raw restaurant would probably work out pretty well there. But, I would re-think Flagstaff too, as I have always found the energy to be amazing here, and actually LESS college-y than Bellingham. It has an “older” energy if that makes sense. Bellingham has alot more college energy I think because it is on the Canadian border and many people choose to go to college there because they can go across the border and drink at a younger age. Alot of people who come to Flagstaff for school are already married and have families. At least the ones that I know.

    If you ever wanted to start anything up in Flag, I would be happy to help you! I have been working on a few concepts for a business, and we have already started to “raise” money. We just need other like-minded people. Which, we are searching for now.

  • spiritedmama,I have good friends in prescott who moved there from here in san diego,we go every thanksgiving to spend the holiday…..If you are around id love to meet you and talk about your business ideas! by then with luck, my unbakery should have at least provided some good info on how raw food comes across to the general public.

    Since i married a native californian(rare species)I hope to be able to shift him outa here at some point. I have to start slow,saw with vacations to these various places i have chosen to live!;)

    Ive lived alot of places and only three places in the world have felt like “home” to me….One is Cannon Beach Or, Bellingham , WA and flagstaff AZ…So i do know what you mean by the energy in flag, my first immpresion of it is my lasting immpressiion. I was studying to be a horse trainer and had hauled my two horses from Maryland on my way to cave creek for the winter training session( our summer sessions where in parachute , CO) We had had one heck of a day, my friends trailer had broken down outside a mens prison, it was one thousand degrees!! our horses where punky and there was no answer at our destination to let them know , A) we might need a vet and B) we would be arriving close to 10pm. We started our accent into flag and my traveling companion is jabbering away over walkie talkies( she was always pretty high energy and at this stage pretty anxious and pissy. teehee) and the sun is setting so everything is turning pink( doesnt happen on the east coast I guess due to all the green on the ground) i just had this over whelming feeling of gratitude, and comfort and home! we where still a few hours out of cave creek, our day had beeen very long and trying and suddenly there was this blanket of pink peace that settled over me. I took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful scenery and jsut felt safe. I never forgot it. Ive been back to flag several times now and always love it. But I dream of the thick loamy forrest on the coast and green fields for my ponys. roses growing wild like weeds and foxgloves,columbine, and honeysuckle…fireflys! but i digress, its one of those mornings!teehee thanks for letting travel if even in my mind! ;)

  • Hi that is so neat. I’m pretty sure I caught a ferry from Bellingham when I was younger and visited Alaska for the summer. I love the trees out there too- and ferrys! I stopped at some island where everyone rode around on bikes and stayed at a youth hostel. I’d like to go back to that island sometime-

    My boyfriend has always mentioned Flagstaff. Before my parents told us they were looking near Santa Fe he kept talking about moving there. I went through there also when I was younger when I did a 6 week camp out in the rainbow bridge area. That’s actually where I injured my knee pretty bad but still had to hike out for a week. When I was asleep in the desert- I didn’t use a tent- a white horse came up to me and smelled my face. Then it whinnied right in my face. It was pretty wild- but memorable. I’m glad it didn’t step on me- but I always thought it meant something but I’m not quite sure what.

    I just got an email from the place I’m looking into going to in Southern Arizona near Phoenix. I’m not sure when I’m going but I’m hoping something will work out in the next month.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Omshanti- We should be here in Nov., as we love it so much, we wouldn’t want to leave! So, let’s get together when you come to Prescott! I’ll be here (on goneraw) until then, but you can also email me off the site at sunnyot@gmail.com.

    Writeeternity: You probably did catch a ferry up to Alaska out of Bellingham. They also go to Canada. As far as the island with bikers and a hostel…could have been Vashon, or also one of the San Juan Islands, depending on whether you were more north or south. Are you looking to go to Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe? Or are you looking at the Southwest Naturopathic Institute? Both are amazing institutions. SWIHA has a location in Flagstaff also that I am thinking of looking into myself, it’s so close to home I could walk there! Wherever it is, I wish you the best of luck!

  • Wow, omshanti, my little town was in Mother Earth? Cool! I don’t know if I’d exactly call it heaven here (hehe), but I do love it here and have missed it terribly whenever I’ve moved away. I’ve lived as far north as Eureka (born there, actually, and moved there briefly in adult life) and as far south as Petaluma (about an hour north of San Francisco), and always wind up moving back here to Ukiah. It’s beautiful, slower-paced and pretty friendly, plus all my family and my husband’s family live here.

    (Although, to be honest, today it’s freakin hot and everything is brown and super dry. Bleh.)

    Spiritedmama, I have always wanted to check out Arizona and/or New Mexico… it just seems like it would be so completely different than what I’m used to (ocean, lots of green, etc.). The only time I’ve ever seen the desert is when we drove to Las Vegas (oy, what a trip from hell, WHOLE other story ;o) and I kept wanting to stop and get out, feel the air and check out the vibe, but we were in a hurry and driving straight through. Oh yeah, and I stayed in a desert area in Mexico last May, but that felt like an entirely different energy to me.

    I’m dying to get to Burning Man one of these years… it’s been tugging at me for three years now and I keep not going. Partly because it’s so expensive, but mostly out of fear of the unknown – not the people, I love freaks and weirdos hehehe… but the staying in the desert and being responsible for your own hydration and all that part. It’s a pretty daunting idea for me. Of course, when I finally jump that fear hurdle and actually do it I’ll discover a new strength and have an exciting & meaningful experience, so there’s that. One of these years…

    writeeternity, I’ve read that the white horse was a religious symbol to the Celts and Romans. The goddess Epona rode a white horse. There are probably scores of mythical stories and beliefs about white horses in different cultures. I think that’s really cool that you had a (wild?) horse come up and check you out. That’d make me feel pretty special!

  • you guys are about the coolest folks on the planet!!! I read your posts and say to myself”hey Ive always thought that too” funny;) for this reason i love the internet! Well, my granola recieved its reviews:kids about 50/50 they actually liked the cococranberry ones the best( and those are the ones i thought they would hate)the adults where beating off the kids for the uneaten portions!!! so adults 100%! now, i have a taste test meeting set up for end of august with the master yoga teacher( and owner of the studio) On to the coffee shop guy, friday! This is so cool and im having so much fun!!! Isnt it amazing how one little change in ideology that has so many benefits for me personally can open up the door to inconceivable avenues of life? I mean i have no formal chef training, just am a cooking geek, who reads recipes/ cookbooks like novels and dreams of food combinations that might work. I have been a horse trainer since forever and now im an unbaker…. Im so grateful and amazed to get to try this out…as my one wise old soul friend, kris says:its like your whole new identity….hmmmm i need a tissue! thanks again for the support guys and i hope to meet all of you evnetually! teehee

    WE, albequeque used to be a nice part of the world too but i havent been through there in years! santa fe is great but expensive IMO. the nice thing to about flag i think is that if you get tired of the snow in the winter jsut drive down the hill to pheonix toasty warm!!! ;)

  • Hi! That is so cool Jenergy! I just never looked it up but that is really neat. I’m going to have to research it more! Yeah it was a wild horse. I was with about 15 people on that hiking trip and was sick of listening to people chatter away when we were in this incredible environment. I just wanted to enjoy it in peace so I moved about 50 yards from the rest of the group. Another day out there I climbed down the ravine to go to the stream and had my feet in the water and then noticed a scorpion within inches. I was lucky I didn’t step on it or get stung by it!.

    Hi Omshanti! I wouldn’t say it’s a new identity but an enhanced identity! The health food arena does need people who come across differently than the stereotype- hippie kind- of. It is amazing like David Wolf says you just keep having the best day ever- and better and better. I can’t wait to hear about the natural packaging. How did you get that lead? That is so neat!

    My dad is looking at houses with a cassita(sp?) so my boyfriend and I can live there or visit = I’m not sure- but often enough to keep his home network, and remote for the tv working!

    Hi Spirited Mama! I am looking at the masters program at Tree of Life- in Patagonia Az. I’d have to be on “campus” only a couple months and my mom said she’d pay for it. I have been calling it the fat farm to her- and she likes the idea of me losing weight and getting a degree at the same time.

    I’d love to visit you guys some time too. Hopefully after I really get organized and lose weight etc. That idea Omshanti talked about of how you could do lunches for ladies really sounded interesting to me. Or catering only raw. I think people need the full service approach to eating well. If it’s hard for people here who want to do it – think of someone who doesn’t have that kind of persistance or time. I’d also like to get into “raw” dog bisquits so they can get better nutrition.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Ummmm, thanks for keeping this post alive… in hopes that Kristen would see it and reply. :-)

  • germin8, I know you have been trying to keep this post going in hopes of getting a response from Kristen. Maybe you should try contacting her via her website or by joining the forum on www.gliving.tv. She has posted a diary of her experience at Living Light on the gliving forum. I’m sure she would respond to your questions there.

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