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For anyone interested...

I received the email below from Dr. Graham just a few days ago about a lfrv community forming in Hawaii. Warm weather, organic fruit, ocean within walking distance, like-minded individuals...what more could a fruit-lover ask for! And as the email says, all the facilities are set up and ready to go!

Here's the website for pricing info and whatnot. Be sure to check out the massive variety of fruit trees!


"We are forming a small intentional community based on primal, sustainable living and natural health and diet on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are inspired by Dr. Graham's 80-10-10 lifestyle and will be practicing it in our community.

The property is over 30 acres and rests in a lush volcanic jungle, within walking distance to the sea. It is developed and ready, with an infrastructure of buildings, huts, and systems that can readily support our small community. In fact, the whole place is self-sufficient with a solar system, rain catchments, composting privies, and incredibly abundant food. Our only outside utilities are internet and phone and we have both.

There are hundreds of mature fruit-bearing trees all ready for us! Durian, mango, avocado, banana, sapote, jackfruit - just to name a few! All of it is organic - the mineral-rich volcanic soil may be the best growing medium on Earth. This is a fruit-lover's paradise. And we do grow loads of organic greens and nuts, too.

We will practice sustainable permaculture. We wish to live in harmony with the planet rather than in competition with her. And so we are creating a small and intimate community of just 12 members (families). We want to ensure abundance for all while limiting the impact we have on the natural environment.

I should mention that Dr. Graham is a partner in the project; he is, in fact, one of the two founding members. 2 of the 12 spots are already filled, one by my family, another by Dr. Graham. We expect the remaining 10 spots to fill quickly. We have created a website to answer many questions: www.healthfulessentials.com/rawcommunity

People are meant to thrive. If you want to create a new reality for yourself, this might be for you. Membership is reasonable and our site is a piece of heaven. I believe you'll discover that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Rich Givens


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