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HI you lovely people. I just wanted to post my blogsite, it's new and I am so devoted to it. On it will include:

my day to day experiences living a raw vegan lifestyle RECIPES and photos and or slide shows of the food my adventures ORGANIC GARDENING at my 900 acre ranch in west texas KID FRIENDLY recipes (&family/boyfriend/girlfriend friendly, for those who are not raw vegans hehe) photographs from my TRAVELS on a raw vegan diet information on new books & videos about raw veganism my experiences with the MASTER CLEANSE and JUICE FASTING & tons more!! I am also opening a raw vegan bar/louge smoothie/juice store, expect some of that

have a great day and follow my blog!


  • Hey guys check out my blog & follow it/comment on my post if you like!!! I'm so devoted to it & helping others! Have a great day!!

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Nice blog. One suggestion: try to change your settings so that people don't have to have special accounts to leave comments. I know it's possible to change the settings to allow anonymous and just name/url combinations. You'll probably get more comments if you do that.

    Good luck and happy blogging!


  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Your blog looks really nice :) I added you to my blogroll.

    I have one too!


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