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greens and illness, anyone?

i didn’t want to be too gross in the subject title, but i had severe nausuea and vomiting today after eating a lot of kale. kale has regular part of my diet for years, and i’ve never had any negative reaction before.

however, i did notice this particular bunch of kale was spectacularly hearty, it was almost like super kale. over the course of the day, i ate the entire bunch in salads and wound up violently ill later in the evening. i had a similar reaction once years ago after eating fiddleheads raw, but never with any other greens until tonight.

i was so sick, and the only thing that sounded soothing was bread (not part of my regular diet). immediately after eating some my stomach settled down which makes me think maybe it was a detox thing.

i’m perplexed… chlorophyll o.d.? weird detox? bacteria on the kale?

has anyone else out there experienced something like this, or have any suggestions on what may have caused this?

thanks for reading this!


  • Hi Shari, so sorry you had this awful reaction. It sounds like bacteria to me, sometimes no matter how carefully we wash things, some bacteria sticks to it. It was probably a one off, so I wouldn’t worry about it so much. Hope you feel better :)

    ps. Ginger water helps to settle the stomach too, take care, Dea

  • By ‘Spectacularly hearty’ do you mean extra fibrous?

  • deasmiles- thanks for the suggestions :) maybe i will try some veggie wash if this happens again. i did try both ginger and peppermint, with minimal results, and usually ginger always fixes me up. feeling much better today.

    avo- yeah i do mean extra fibrous (and larger too). if it hadn’t been organic i would have thought it was some genetically modified turbo kale.

  • I had a similar experience today. Although, I’m fairly certain mine was food posioning (maybe E. coli?). I ate a large kale salad yesterday, but I’m not sure that’s what caused it. I have never pooped so much in my life. I did vomit a few times too. Well anyway, I think most of it has run it’s course (I hope!) but what the heck am I supposed to eat while I’m getting better? Everything I read says to eat bread, rice, crackers and to stay away from things like fruit (probably because it will just make one poo again). Ugh.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    You say it was “super hearty”, maybe the growers used some kind of “miracle gro” chemicals to grow it. Was it organic? Could be nausea due to chamicals that are in it and on it. Might be worth telling the shop you bought it from what happened, and/or the grower.

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