Helloooo LOS ANGELES!!!!

join my meet up group!


We are a group of friends who are all holistic health seekers eating a diet of predominantly fruit, along with vegetables, and very little nuts and seeds.

We are not picky with the termanology raw, vegan, fruitarian, or what have you, but we do ask that you join with the same goal in mind: a long standing, high-fruit diet (consiting of 80% or more from carbs, 10% or less from protien, 10% or less of fat...or High Water, LoFat, LoProtein, Whole, Fresh, Ripe, Fruit/Vegs). Or if you simply wish to learn more about this way of life.

Our purposes are:

- To bring like-minded people together, where we can provide support, a community and friendship to those leading a high-fruit lifestyle!

- To help the community we live in, discussing new ideas and opportunities at every opportunity

- To teach one another in our areas of strength (composting, gardening, shopping etc)

- To guide others along who join our group with the willingness to learn

- To guide our community and raise Fruit awarness for this amazing, healing lifestyle!

Please join if you would like to learn more about healthful living practices, if you are experienced and looking for others to befriend, To meet fellow fruitarian enthusiust near you! Come to a local Echo Park Fruit Friends Meetup and discuss living a healthy lifestyle, in more ways than 1. Have delicious meals, share your favorite fruit combinations and above all make new friends!

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