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I have been eating raw since September 11, 2009. My pH balance has always been too acidic. However, since eating raw, the strip test shows my body to be as far to the alkaline side as possible. Is this a problem? How do others keep the "balance" or is it even necessary? Thanks.


  • Oh and also, you asked if the whole acid factor is essential. YES, cancer, diabetes and most diseases thrive in acidic conditions. Being acidic is not good at all. Neutral is best. You'll notice certain things about people that are either acidic or alkaline. I can tell you that I know when someone I date eats bad, they have bad breath in the morning, gross. I've noticed now that I've gone raw I can sense certain things in people too. Like how they smell when they sweat. Gross, I know but I've always told people that you have to eat living food to live. Most people don't either care or don't have any idea.

  • I would look into reading the book called "Eating For Your Blood Type" by Peter J. D'Adamo. I typically refer to this book as well as being raw. My best friend and I have done this combination and have both seen drastic changes within the last few months. When I say drastic, I'm not kidding. I've always been in shape and have had no health issues other than high blood pressure. Which is odd since I'm 29 years old and have blood pressure issues since I was a kid. I'm 5'9 and not overweight at all. I was a professional model for years in Europe and the US and have always eaten generally healthy. In theory, it was that since my body simply does not handle wheat at all- period. (Most people don't since quietly even whole wheat has always been growth modified and altered in the US- and I'm sure everywhere else...)

    I'm a type O blood type and since I've gone raw and somewhat referred to this book, my blood pressure is now 130/78. It was always 150/110 when I was eating meat, cheese and wheat. Going raw changed my life and this book helped a bit too. (I'm not affiliated with the book either just in case you were wondering.) Carol Alt's book is good too. I can't remember what it's called, but she beat breast cancer by going raw. Great recipes and such, you can pick both books up at your local library. Superb reading. :)

  • gotblush: I have only been eating raw for 2 months. The only thing I've noticed so far is that fresh food looks, smells and tastes better to me. My husband has always eaten "healthy" but not raw. I hope he doesn't start smelling bad to me :)

    My dad did the D'Adamo book for years and it has helped him with a lot of things. I will ask him if the question of too much alkaline is mentioned in the book. Everyone talks about the hazards of too much acid, but not much is said about too much alkaline.

    Thanks for your comments.

  • When you say "as far to the alkaline side as possible" do you mean in the 7.5-9 range? If so, then this is too alkaline. If you are this alkaline then it probably means that you are actually very acidic and your body is trying to buffer the acids. If you have been raw for about 2 months and this is the case then perhaps it is because you are detoxing?

    As far as keeping the balance goes, I think that if you are eating a healthy diet (and are healthy in other areas of life such as stress, etc.) then things should eventually level out and stay about where they should be.

  • Happy Raw Girl: Okay, thanks. Not sure of the numbers, but the strip is as yellow as possible. I did notice today that the "yellow" reading is only upon waking. If I re-test a bit later it is right in the middle. Not sure if that is important. I thought I was supposed to go by the first reading of the morning. I am eating very healthy with lots of variety. As for stress .... I'm working on it!

    Thanks for your comments.

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