Must see movie

If you have some time and like to hear alternative points of view, here is a great movie to watch:

It will surely give you something to think about.


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hey that is really neat Socal. That’s the first time I have seen anything like that. I had heard that the twin towers were storing a lot of gold in their basements and it was stolen. I do feel like that is probably THE event that defines this decade or generation. I think a lot of people feel disconnected and afraid and would like to figure out what they can do. Do you have a link for that? Just a joke.Where’s Michael Moore with this story? I guess he wants to stay alive.

  • I didn’t say I agree with all of the ideas presented in the movie but I did find them interesting, at least an interesting way to look at things that most people think are open and closed cases. Just goes to show that we need to keep an open mind in everything.

  • YES!! anyone who watches this, please make your friends/family watch it! We’ve got to do SOMETHING…

  • passing it on as much as I possibly can. A lot of the information in the movie has been collected by my husband I, because we question everything, but seeing it all at once has definitely helped me wake up again and find my true place in this world, for lack of better terms.

    thanks so much for sharing socal.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    I think it is a very powerful movie. I hope I didn’t sound too concerned before. It kind of bothers me when there is religion issues contrasted with environmental issues. I’d like people to take environmental issues seriously and a lot of people would be insulted by the religious information there and turn off the whole message.

    There was a time that environmentalism was considered a “crack head” issue. But I think it has finally gained some credibility.

    I think people have to believe in something- we are physiologically built for it with the way our brains are put together. It is amazing to me too- is this our homing pigeon instinct? WHat we see in animals that enables them to travel great distances is their gift and ours is to understand the world and want to take care of it?

    Somehow religion has taken center stage and runs counter to what is ethical and sustainable because people are focussed on huge athletic centers, social outings, etc. that really just distract them from what they need to be doing to fix themselves and the problems around them.

    But it is the dominating factor I see in the bible belt and you have to respect that like they should respect yoga practices.

    It’s hard to believe that more people don’t see the truth to what’s happening but they are too preoccupied with cultural constraints and watching television to notice.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Wow. I just finished watching it and I’m completely blown away. It made me cry. How do I get past this overwhelming feeling of impotent rage and move into something approaching love and acceptance? I mean, what do I do? By the end of the movie I had this voice screaming in my mind, “WAKE UP!” Yeah, ok… but then what? I yearn for the truth and always reach out for it, but then when I’m confronted by the ugliness of it I get totally overhwelmed and want to run away from it. Am I making any sense? This move rocked me and I’m feeling a little shellshocked. Pardon the war metaphor.

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