Carrot Pulp

When I juice with my Norwalk, the pulp is not good for anything - dry as dust. When I use my l'equip, I hate to discard the pulp it and have read you guys dislike wasting it also. My little Shih-poo loves it! I mix it with his oatmeal for breakfast or mix with other stuff and he luvs it without adding anything to it.

I am going to experiment with a dehydrated veggie chewie for him. Any ideas? Any success with your own doggies? I don't like to give him those dehydrated meat treats cause he scarfs them and he gags and scratches his throat. We don't do any traditional processed pet food for him - canned or dry. I was appalled when I read what is actually in those foods - ground chicken and turkey beaks for one. It made me nauseous reading all the ingredients hidden in their foods.


  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    No advice, but what a great idea!

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