Can someone help me with the search function?

sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

I try to search the recipes, but I'm just not doing it properly. The search engine is confusing to me.

I wanted to search for recipes using cabbage, so I typed the word cabbage in the search box. I just get results from threads, rather than actual recipes.

Any help would be appreciated. I feel pretty dumb for not understanding how to use it properly. :-(


  • It can be a little confusing, try this:

    1. Click on Advanced Search

    2. Click on Advanced Search again

    3. You will have options to search for words or phrases, enter the word(s) you want to search for

    4. Be sure to click the box next to Recipe listed under "Only the Type(s)"

    5. Click the "Advanced Search" button and Voila!

    Good luck with your search!

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