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Becoming Raw for healh


I'm in my second week of going vegan-high raw. I'm still having warm foods at night. It's very cold here in the winter and I really love warm soups and dinners when it's cold outside. I've chosen this path for my health and I'm very in tune to whats going with my body...constantly trying to listen to it. I chose to go vegan and I'm trying to have more raw foods because I have joint pain. Since I've started this diet 2 weeks ago, I've had HUGE improvement ...with almost all of my joint pain gone!

My diet has been an ongoing process for the last 3 years. I'm 29 and I grew up very unhealthy. I ate all junk food, no greens and barely any fruit. Everything I ate was full of sugar and was processed. My mom just didn't know any better. My grandmother was diabetic, my mom is borderline diabetic and she's now battling colon cancer. I have seen huge improvements in my health since I went vegetarian and cut out dairy, but I've felt so good the last 11 days...better than I can remember feeling. I had considered going vegan and raw, but was a bit intimidated by it. Finally, when the joint pain started 4 months ago I knew that I had to do something. I knew that I could help myself through diet and I'm so happy to say that the change has made a huge different.

I'm very excited!!

I became a member of this site because I want to touch base with others like me. I live in a rural area in northeastern Oregon which is a huge farm land and huge cattle land area. Most of the people here eat meat. Both my husband and daughter still eat meat. We do not buy meat...all of it comes from local farms where the animals have a good life until....=(

Not that I agree with eating meat, but at least if my family is eating it, I know where it comes from, what the animal has eaten and that they are raised in a humane way.

Point being... I get lonely. I'm so glad I've found this site because I can come here when I have questions and when I just need to chat to others who have chosen the same path.

Thanks for listening!


  • good for you, Koaselino!! it's so encouraging to see those health improvements, especially when they happen so quickly. it's like your body is telling you how much it loves and appreciates what you're doing. just imagine how many more wonderful health benefits await you on this path. when it gets tough living in an area where most people don't understand the raw lifestyle, remember that we're here for you! i know we all really value the support we find on this site. (and i'm sorry to hear about your mom -- sending lots of good healing thoughts her way.)

  • Have you thought up going to a "meet up" for vegetarians, vegans, or raw foodists? I know yahoo does them. There may be another networking/ search engine that does something like that? But, I know yahoo does. It's a good way to find like minded people.

  • Hi

    I have arthritis following a couple of really bad episodes of food poisoning a few years ago and I have been eating a high raw diet for a few weeks now. This was recommended to me recently by an immunologist who said that raw food with a ratio of 2 veg to 1 fruit with nuts and seeds was the best thing I could do for my joints .. This certainly seems to be the case and I am finding that the pain is gone .

    I am also finding that when I slip back into eating mainly cooked food for a day then my joints start to twinge again

    ( this happens when I am away from home and have not catered for myself )

    Wine also gives me a lot of pain so I have stopped drinking alcohol

    At the moment I eat raw during the day with a little cooked food in the evening

    I had been so tired and feeling stressed and ill because l was full of food intolerances. I decided that I wanted to detox slowly rather than go all raw immediately. I started eliminating foods from my diet over the summer as I had a high histamine overload.. The Immunologist found I was intolerant to alcohol, yeast, sugar, milk products and fish. Just giving these food up help my health and since going high raw I am finding that my energy is returning and I am starting to feel much better.. it is very exciting.

    I live in England so am far away from you . but I want you to know you are not alone - I am on the same path.

    I find this site is very supportive and enlightening.

  • Wow! I'm brand new here too and VERY suprised to find another person who grew up in Northeast Oregon. I don't think there are many of us. I joined the military at eighteen (had to get out) but still miss and love that part of the world. I am actually going back in a month. My husband is being deployed to Africa for a year and I am going to stay with family during that time. I plan on staying with my dad for the summer--who is a farmer (go figure). I very much want to incorporate some of the raw lifestyle into his world. He eats horribly and suffers from depression and high blood pressure. One thing I can say about living in rural areas is that you have an overabundance of area to grow your own vegetables. We currently live in a suburb outside Chicago and have nowhere to put a garden. I can't WAIT to start a garden at my dad's place. That, and I will have wheatgrass just steps away after spring planting :) However, I know that people in Northeast Oregon don't really understand the whole "vegan thing" --not to mention raw vegan. I haven't even told my sister what I've been doing because I just know the comments I will get (as her husband is out back skinning an elk). ++But that's a whole different post and I don't want to steal yours++ So let me just say that it is very nice to meet you and I hope to see you around here--if not in eastern Oregon somewhere :)

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Welcome, Koaselino! We're happy you're here! And the great thing about raw is that it just continues to make your life better. This week your joint pain clears up, next week you notice that your skin is glowing... it's a roller coaster of goodness! And if you haven't experienced a little of it already, the emotional wellness that comes from being raw is really, really powerful and life-changing. Anyway, get excited! You're going to have a great time being raw!

  • Thank you everyone for commenting..

    Mysterie - it's so encouraging to hear of someone else that is going through the same process that I am. I also have cut my drinking waaaay down to once or twice a month. I think eventually I won't drink at all. It's ok that we are half way around the world from each other...Let's keep in touch so we can be supportive on each other's progress!

    RubyRae - WOW..I can't believe we both joined this site around the same time. I think I'm safe to say on here that I live in Wallowa Co. *I'd love to read a post on hunting and your brother and law and his Elk* Saturday I am going to a Hunter's Banquet which I call a Meat Fest. HA! I will be bringing a salad to share. =) Our family moved here only a year ago. We moved here to get away from the rat race and to eventually homestead (to an extent)..we are getting the supplies for a big green house right now and we just started an organic compost..I'm VERY excited about having all my own fresh veggies and fruits next season...someday I'd like to grow a garden all year long. Buying veggies and greens here is very expensive and I buy alot. I'd like to become as self-sufficient as possible.

    Sorry to hear about your dad...and I know how impossible family can be when it comes to diet. I'm going down to see family in California next week and I'm sure my Dad and I will get into it over Turkey dinner. I would think being vegan in the military might be a little difficult as well?? My step-dad is a retired 30-year Marine. He eats horribly and he wil never change. We definitely need to stay connected so we can be support for each other in this meat eaters part of the country. =)

  • Thank u! I can't wait!...especially for more glowing skin. I've already stopped wearing makeup (other than a little mascara) because my complexion is getting better.

  • Wallowa Co, well I don't think you could have picked a more beautiful place to live. I can't WAIT to go to Wallowa Lake this summer! I love telling people in other parts of the country about the deer and elk that just walk up to you there because they are not allowed to hunt. It just might be my husbands favorite place in the world. I'm from La Grande--pretty big around those parts since it has a Wal-Mart :) As for being vegan in the military, it might be hard sometimes--but I'm not in anymore. My husband eats raw when he's at home (which isn't often anymore) but is no way vegan when he's deployed. It will be interesting to see what they have to eat over in Africa. He ate MRE's (meals ready to eat) for a week not too long ago and they pretty much wreak havoc on anyones system--yuck!

    Definately glad I found you on here. It seems like we will be facing a lot of the same hurdles along the way to optimum health.

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