Does anyone have any information on this new wonder natural supplement resveratrol. A non raw food friend of mine started taking it and hopes it will make him live a long long life with high child like energy. Its an enzyme supplement in very very high doses. If you have any thoughts on this new item please let me know. Thanks peace


  • Hi Samadhi, I just saw something on that. It sounds really promising to me particularily for people who have cancer and heart disease in their families. I don’t believe in silver bullet solutions but it is a step in the right direction.

  • Here’s what Virginia Boutenko say’s about resveratrol in her book, “12 Steps to Raw Food” (I was just reading this earlier today!), “An important nutrient, resveratrol, promises to lengthen life and prevent or treat aging-related diseases. Resveratrol is found in grapes, grape leaves, red wine and olive oil, as well as some vegetables. Reasearchers have found that the molecules of resveratrol activate a family of enzymes responsible for lifespan in different living organisms including humans.” My personal experience has been that extracted supplements don’t work nearly as well as eating the whole food which contains the natural healing power. I would suggest to your friend that he eat some raw grapes and drink red wine, instead of wasting his money on supplements.

  • thanksyou guys, I do agree with both of your responses. It has been tested on rats for six years, the rats/mice lived three times longer than their expected life span. Poor mice imagine living three times your life span in a cage you don’t want to be in. I do hope it can help the cronically ill at least. Thanks again.

  • Hi Samadhi, W.E., Julienne

    I think in the next few years, most people over the age of sixty (and a lot over the age of 20) will be taking something like resveratrol.

    Benagene also appears to work similarly. Though of course there’s a lot more research for resveratrol.

    Both seem to change the nad/nadh ratio and kick on the beneficial Sirtuin genes.

    The best current source for resveratrol (that I know of at least) is ‘relentless improvement’. relentless (I have no connection to this company whatsoever.No really, I swear.)

    While I generally agree with the Boutenko philosophy that whole foods are best, and you can’t replicate the 600 + carotenoids in beta carotene pill for example, I don’t know of any whole food that would have this effect on the Sirtuins that resveratrol does. It would take several gallons of red wine to equal the amount of resveratrol in a typical pill.

    another site you might also enjoy would be some of the resveratrol discussions at the immortality institute. (Scroll down to the supplements section.)

    There might be some downsides to resveratrol. Like for one it’s an aromatase inhibitor. (which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.) But on the other hand, so are white button mushrooms.

    Also resveratrol is very quickly metabolized by the body. So you have to take a pretty large dose which I wonder if would compromise the glucuronidation and sulfation pathways that metabolize it.

    I think David Sinclair and Sirtris are working on some resveratrol analogues that are more bioavailable. (but let’s hope not toxic like many xenobiotics.)

    But anyway, all that said, it’s still pretty exciting.

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