Homemade Raw Vegan Baby Formula

I've just started a much needed job last week and have come to the unfortunate realization that I can not make enough milk - pumping throughout the day & night - to feed my 8 month old boy. I'd like to make my own formula to supplement him but not sure where to start. I'd love to use hemp seeds or something similar. I'm not really sure what would be necessary to add to make a nutritiously complete formula from hemp seeds. Maybe something with angstrom minerals and perhaps some liquid vitamins? Does anyone have any experience making their own raw vegan baby formula or can suggest a resource for making a vegan formula? Thanks!


  • I'm not a pediatrician, so I'm just suggestioning an option to check out with your pediatrician. ( 'nough said). When my daugher got past a certain liquid intake (I can't remember the ounces) our pediatrician said that meant the baby needed to start to have something more than breast milk or formula. It sounds like that MAY be the case with your boy. Worth checking out.

  • I have HEARD that coconut milk is the closest thing in nature to mother's milk (it can also be substituted for blood plasma). I don't know whether this is true, but it is worth checking out.

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    ^^^ you mean coconut water.

    I have found several raw baby formulas using raw cow's or goat's milk, as well as something interesting here:


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