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Okay this might be a little weird but I have to bring it up :)

Ive noticed that every time I eat garlic I end up smelling like it really horribly, and I become... um... im not sure how to put it... a little gassy? But it smells horrible! I dont know what to do about it? How can I detox my system to get rid of the smell. I love garlic, but Im not going to eat it if it makes me this way. When I eat it I dont even consume a lot, but I know thats the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?



  • i have. not so much the gas, but my sweat is infused with the smell. it's really gross. i love garlic, too. but i recently cut it out of my diet because i couldn't take it anymore. i tried eating a lot of greens, thinking that it would clean out the smell. parsley is supposed to help with that sort of thing. didin't really work. maybe i should have tried eating still more greens.

    it happens with some other foods too. i eat meat very rarely - holidays, mostly - but when i do, i stink so bad i can hardly stand myself. i don't know if i have just become more scent-sensitive since eating raw or if my system just reacts to it differently.

    i just avoid those foods. i thought i would miss garlic, but i've gotten used to eating without it. i might add a little here and there, but just the most minute bits. i notice more flavors in foods since i cut back on the garlic. it's pretty overpowering. so it's not the end of the world.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Yep, same problem when I eat garlic. The only solution is to stop consuming it. As tangerina said, you won't miss it after a while.

    Good luck,



  • GlitterGirlGlitterGirl Raw Newbie

    I think everyone tends to smell like garlic a little when they eat it. It doesn't make me gassy but, I eat it almost everyday so my bod might be used to it. I love they way it smells and it goes through me pretty quick so I don't have a problem with smelling like it for an hour ; )

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    Renee Underkoffler says that the little "sprout" inside the garlic clove is what causes indigestion for some. I always cut this out when I make recipes with garlic. I also usually use about 1/4 of the garlic called for in any recipe, since I also don't like smelling like garlic for three days.

    I'm not sure what to say about getting rid of the smell sooner, except the obvious things like eating parsley, mint, lemon, fennel, or some such smell-absorbing food.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Does anyone know of a herb or something that I could use to replace garlic in things like raw humus ect?


  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Mikfizzle, I know that there are some green onions and ciboulette varieties that taste a bit like garlic. Sometimes Whole Foods brings them, and also has the seeds you can grow yourself.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I believe there is a Chinese herb that tastes very similar to garlic. I believe Roger Haeske has mentioned it before. You may want to contact him and ask about it.





  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Hing is a classic garlic replacement for Indian recipes (many religious groups there have a taboo on onions and garlic).It's also called Asafoetida (good entry about it on Wikipedia under this name). It's available in Asian grocery shops and is actually an antiflatulence herb as well.

  • Just make sure the asafoetida doesn't have rice flour in it like the one I bought did. Started sneezing immediately when I opened it and looked it up on Frontier's website which listed rice flour as the first ingredient...

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