Key to quick easy delicious dressings

eechoeecho Raw Newbie

Sun-dried tomatoes.

When experimenting with different dressings, sometimes the preparation factor can be challenging, i.e. having all of the ingredients on hand. And if you, like myself, only want a dressing now and then, you're not going to keep a constant stock of these ingredients. Making a simple dressing with just tomatoes can be disappointing, but adding sun-dried tomatoes with the whole tomato makes the flavor much more powerful. Then just add whatever else you have lying around - garlic, lemon juice, nuts, avocado, carrot, or whatever. Maybe you guys have some other nice tips for great salad dressings?


  • mmm, i should try that. i have some truly sundried tomatoes. i'd been so disappointed by no overt dressings, i just moved to blended salads instead ofr a hearty dinner. maybe sundried tomatoes and celery and mango?

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    Soaked cashews, lemon juice, sundried tomato, garlic, onion, tiny bit of olive oil. Yum.

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