Rye Rejuvelac?????

Sproutpeoples says they absolutely love rye rejuvelac and that they find all other grains to be nasty.

Well, I made some per their instructions and it looks just like the rejuvelac in their picture. Problem is, I'm having a really hard time getting it down. It smells like it might be spoiled, or moldy but there is no signs of mold visible. It tastes like it might be bad. It is slightly lemony. I do not know whether this is the way its supposed to taste... or not.

Sproutpeoples says "if you don't like it, drink some more! It really does grow on you."

The only thing I can think of is that their website did not say whether there should be a lid on the jar or not. I put a lid on the jar. Should I of just put a paper towel on it??

I do not know if I should try again or if this is just the way it is and I ought drink it because its good for me. The thing about Kombucha is that I know what its supposed to taste like. I have no idea with this thing...




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