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One Meal A Day



  • michaelgoromjrmichaelgoromjr Raw Newbie

    Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day ?

    the short answer is yes. for years the popular belief was that several small meals a day was healthy and would help one lose weight, but simply put……it’s just not true. Intermittent fasting will be your best bet. I would start by fasting thru breakfast and then having a sensible lunch and an early dinner. try this for a week and then try fasting thru lunch as well. Starting slowly is key! I will tell you from my personal journey with intermittent fasting is that it truly does work, but my advice is you need to combine this with some form of light to moderate exercise. you don't have kill yourself everyday on a treadmill. I just get down on my living room floor for about 20 minutes every other day and perform simple compound exercises using only my bodyweight. Supplements will help! as you start to lose weight, your body will need additional vitamin and mineral intake. I could recommend several great supplements to try, but that list would be big and might seem overwhelming. if your just starting your weight loss journey and would like to see results quickly to help keep you motivated to stay on course, then there is one product I would consider……. I only recommend this because I have personally used it myself and the results have been amazing! I still use this and now my family and a few close friends are taking it daily after seeing my results ! If you would like to try it…… check it out here https://bit.ly/2GzmIZ8

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